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Sunday, October 24, 2021

What leaders agreed at COAG

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* ECONOMY: Develop a new competition reform agreement for consideration in 2016, investigate commonwealth and state tax and revenue sharing options.

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* HEALTH: To take action on health reform at their next meeting in March, with interim funding arrangements if a new hospital funding scheme cannot be in place by July 1, 2017.

* EDUCATION: For all children in the year before school to access 15 hours a week of preschool education and reforms to lift quality of teaching graduates, options for VET reform.

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* ICE: National Ice Action Strategy with priority on helping families and communities most affected and reducing demand by focusing on prevention and treatment.

* DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: National domestic violence order scheme, information sharing system, standards to ensure effective interventions and a national summit to review progress in 2016.

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* TERRORISM: Implement nationally consistent laws on pre-charge detention consistent with recommendations from Australia/NZ Counter-Terrorism Committee and task the committee with developing a national scheme allowing terrorists to be detained after serving out sentences.

* INDIGENOUS: Development of a new strategic framework putting indigenous economic participation at the heart of the national agenda and a new early childhood education Closing the Gap target of 95 per cent enrolment for all indigenous four-year-olds by 2025.

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