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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Two Maoist sympathisers held in Coimbatore for sticking posters without permission

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COIMBATORE: The Coimbatore city police on Monday arrested two Maoist sympathisers for sticking posters in Ukkadam area without permission. They were later released on bail.

The men, identified as Parthiban and Dr Dinesh, were picked up by the police around 3am and were booked under the Tamil Nadu Open Places Prevention of Disfigurement Act. They had stuck posters supporting the Maoist movement and against the anti-Maoists actions of the police department.

The two men, who are members of the to the Student Apprising Movement for Social Welfare, had already been booked in other cases including a case registered in Pollachi in connection with a missing man joining the Maoist movement.

In the posters, the men had elaborated on the atrocities by the police. They demanded that special police units be dismantled and not allowed to function as, in the name of encounters, they were murdering innocent people who were fighting for their rights.

The posters stated that the two men were against state repression. There were contact numbers on the posters.

Police officials said the men had not applied for permission to stick the posters.

Online Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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