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By – Kavita Shyam

Ever wondered if our beautiful, glamorous heroines continue to look as stunning when they reading a book, or dancing with friends or on waking up in the morning? Turns out they follow sensible health and beauty regimes on a regular basis to keep their beautiful selves unspoiled!

If you feel looking good is as essential as breathing then take a peek at the beauty secrets of the perfect looking stars.

While the change in weather brings a host of hair and skin woes, your wardrobe too can give you a cold! Deepika Padukone with her gorgeous looks gives us some handy beauty and style check. Follow her simple tips.

Mane Check “Gear up well in advance to keep your hair protected in all seasons. With the right hair care regime in place, your hair can look lustrous and stylish even in this weather. Since my work involves a lot of travelling and exposure to extreme climatic conditions, it ends up taking a toll. I indulge my hair with regular tender coconut hair oil massages. This helps me fight split ends, dryness, and frizz.”

Style Fix “The fabrics I enjoy wearing the most are cotton and linen. I experiment with floral prints and pastel shades.  I would ideally keep the accessories simple with a pair of fun optical frames and a watch.”

Diet “As I travel a lot, when I am in Mumbai I prefer home cooked meals. My meals are balanced, and I indulge in some dessert now and then. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. I’d say just drink a lot of water; it really helps to keep my skin radiant.”

The stunningNargis Fakhri shares tips from her daily routine which keeps her porcelain beauty intact! Nargis offers bytes from her own experience to help you cope with the unpredictable spells of weather and maintain your pretty self.

Hair care “I get the ultimate conditioning benefit by the 20 minutes deep conditioning treatment with hot coconut based hair oil. It works wonders for my tresses. It is also important to keep your scalp dry as dampness leads to hair fall. I always try to carry an umbrella while I step out in to ensure my hair is not exposed to the sun, or rain water.”

Skin care “Cleansing and moisturizing your skin is very important notwithstanding the weather conditions. I never skip moisturizing my skin with a natural ingredients based moisturizer. Last but not the least, drinking plenty of water is good as it keeps skin hydrated and supple.”

Seasonal Wardrobe Clothes made of any light fabric which can be dried easily are perfect. Cottons are my personal favorite. I avoid wearing light coloured clothes if its monsoon time as getting out of mud stains can be a task. Plus, carrying a napkin always comes in handy at all times!”

Healthy diet “The common cold & flu becomes a bit too common during the change of season. Herbal tea keeps me warm and strengthens my immune system. Seasonal fruits such as cherries and lychees are delicious and nutritious at the same time. Also, I try to avoid eating out and carry home cooked meals to my shoot. One can find vegetable preparations in my tiffin and hot soups too!”

Anushka Sharma, her good looks and fitness quotient does not need any introduction! The fit as a fiddle actress shares her fitness and fashion takes here.

Fitness Factor– “Normally, my training is more functional. I do not really cycle, I jog and run on days that I do cardio for a minute or so, then come off for a minute and start again. Coming from an army background, we had a club close to our colony, and I used to swim a lot. Even then, when I am working at 14-16 hour stretches and don’t have enough sleep, I still motivate myself to go back to the gym and do at least 20 minutes of physical workout.”

Fashion Mantra– “My wardrobe is full of whites. Well, I am not crazy about going shopping every now and then or when travelling. I like simplicity and effortless fashion. I always look out for comfort before style. I am more into high street dressing rather than extremely high-end clothing or brands.”

Sonakshi Sinha, the star daughter, has transformed herself from a plain Jane to a complete fashionista. The lovely actress shares her take on fashion-
Fashion Ideology “Well, fashion is something that’s always changing, always evolving and something that everyone is always chasing to fit into. Style, now that’s something personal! I believe in comfort above everything else. I love shopping in Dubai and London.”

Beauty Mantra “I don’t have a beauty regime. But I do believe in letting my skin breathe. So when I don’t have to apply makeup, I steer clear from it. I work out 5 to 6 times a week, and it consists of weight training and cardio. I have also started practicing yoga recently.”

Take a leaf from the screen idols and be beautiful. This season, let your inner goddesses emerge!

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