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Paedophile walks free without a day in jail

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A PAEDOPHILE who was convicted of sexually abusing a nine year-old girl will not spend a day in jail — and his wife has called the victim a “s**t”.

Gold Coast man Peter Andrews was found guilty of indecent treatment of a child but was given a suspended sentence because he has a terminal cancer.

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He can now live back in the home he abused the young girl in. At the time he used video games and a puppy to lure her there.

And in a sign that he and his family blame the victim’s family, Andrews’s wife Heiki has accused the victim’s grandmother of being to blame for what happened.

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“Because you’re negligent parents, her parents didn’t care. That’s why she used to come over and stay,” Mrs Andrews said, according to 9 News.

“She’s a s**t at 14 sleeping around, did she learn that off you?”

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The victim’s grandparents said Mrs Andrews’ words were “absolutely unbelievable”.

When she was confronted by a television crew she angrily told them to “F**k off” because it didn’t have “anything to do with me”.

When Andrews was asked by a reporter if he was sorry for what happened he said: “Of course I am.”

The family is now warning other young families about Mr Andrews, who lives close to a childcare centre

Online Source: news.com.au

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