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New Art Exhibit To Explore Sikh Identity In Post-9/11 US

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NEW YORK:  A first-ever exhibition exclusively featuring contributions of the Sikh-Americans to the US will open in New York next month aiming to spread awareness about Sikhs in the wake of numerous hate crimes against the community after the 9/11 attacks.

The photography exhibition titled the ‘Sikh Project’ is a collaboration between advocacy group the Sikh Coalition and acclaimed British photographers Amit and Naroop and will open on September 16.

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The exhibition will highlight the aesthetic of the Sikh articles of faith, including the turban and beard.

Nearly 40 photo portraits of Sikh-Americans of various ages and genders will embody the triumphs and perseverance of a community that has overcome great challenges in the 15 years since the September 11 terror attacks.

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The exhibition will “visually tell” some of the most interesting Sikh American stories – from the longest serving female Sikh turbaned police officer to the first major Sikh movie star to the Sikh subway driver who reversed a train headed for ground zero on September 11, saving passengers from the violent chaos, the photographers said in a statement.

The duo, Amit and Naroop, launched the original British version of the highly-celebrated photography exhibition titled The Singh Project in 2014.

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The group said the Sikhs’ article of faith – the turban and beard – have been falsely associated with terrorism in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

While there are an estimated 500,000 Sikh-Americans in the US, who have been an integral part of the American fabric for generations, the first post-9/11 fatal hate crime victim was a Sikh.

In the wake of recent terrorist attacks, the problem has seen a new alarming rise.

“The rise in xenophobic backlash following recent horrific attacks all over the globe, including the tragic Orlando shooting, makes this a crucial moment for educating the broader American public by highlighting these diverse Sikh American stories,” said Sikh Coalition Executive Director, Sapreet Kaur.

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