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By – Kavita Shyam

Make up is a magic that covers up our imperfections with ease provided we have a complete know-how of one’s face type adds to perfecting the art of fine make up.

Let me give you an insight on corrective make up for different face structures.

Looking pretty and to have a know-how on what kind of make up would look good on your face type is a sheer talent. However, if you can have knowledge or master the art of fine make up according to your face type, half your look-good battle is won. Women are mostly confused about how to apply make-up according to one’s face type, which might vary from being oval, square, heart shaped, triangle, round or even oblong. Every girl should be aware of her face structure, her best features, the cheekbone structure, jaw line, nose and lip size, this way one can work out the features effectively. Here’s a look at various face types and the know-how to apply the right kind of make-up.

Square Face

If you belong to this face type, then you have a very strong face shape. You should apply make-up on your jaw gently as possible and use the technique of shading on the forehead and jaw line with one tone darker foundation, this would give the face a lot more slimming affect and would also tone down the wide corners of the face. You could apply a striking lip colour and use a dark blusher from cheeks to cheekbones. You can indulge in good amount of light coloured blush-on to highlight the parts or features you would like to look different. Try using both an eye liner and eye shadow to highlight the eyes. Round arch of the eyebrows provides a softer touch to the face. Long or round earrings add to the look of such a face type.

Round Face

You can put blush on by highlighting your cheeks and jaw line. This way the face appears to be oval. You can apply soft pink blush-on at the cheek area, carefully avoiding the cheek pads else it can make your face look even more round. Make sure the eyes are not neglected, so brush a dark shade of eye shadow to get a sharp and natural look. A thick layer of eye liner looks very nice on round faces. Finally, do not forget to wear a light shade or natural tone of lipstick or lip gloss, which should be applied on the inside of the lip line. Pearl jewellery or diamonte shaped earrings would be good for this kind of a face.

Oval Face

You are lucky if you have this kind of balanced face type. For an oval face, any kind of hairstyle and subtle make can do wonders. Start with by applying a liquid foundation that matches the colour of skin around the face. To camouflage the strong jaw structure, you can put a dark blush-on from chin to ear. Basically, it should be applied in a C shape and blended to the outer corner of the eyes. For the eyes, try experimenting with a bold eye shadow colour and use false eyelashes to make the look more dramatic. Make sure your eyebrows are arched naturally. For the lips make sure you outline the lower lips. You can go in for any kind of jewellery preferably the long variety.

Makeup and hair expert Reema Sablok, who has helped actress Asin recently, in enhancing her looks in a host of movies, shares a few tips on make up for various face structures. Make – up techniques and hair style to suit your type:

Make – up and Hair style techniques

Round face – A round face needs to get structures to go along with heavy make- up and jewellery. One needs to cut the face with a medium brown colour, it should be a very light colour giving a high check bones look. We also need to make the jaw chiseled. For a round face we need to cut the nose and make it thinner. As for the hair, volume on the crown is very important, a light bouffant giving it height on the forehead.

Long face – For a longer face we need to highlight features and not cut the face. On a long face, elongated eyes are a good look. For a long face, curls are more suitable than going for a bun. As for the hair, more volume on either side, a side parting and big curls at the bottom will give the face a sharper look.

Square Face – The make – up needs to be soft, including the colors used on the eyes. There should not be any definite lines on the face of the blush, everything should be well blended, be it eye colour or the blush. On a square face focusing on the eyes and lips gives the face a very royal look. Colors should soften the features.
AS far as the hair styling is concerned, middle parting on a square face makes it look well defined and we leave it on the side of the face. Blow dried inward look which is flowy and smooth look goes best for an evening look.

Make-up techniques to highlight those pretty features for an important day. To highlight your cheekbones, use a dark brown blush on the apple and use a shimmering blush on the high bone just below your eyes on the side so it gives that extra lift.

To subside that little double chin, use the same color as your blush on your double chin as your cheek bones. Also always apply blush on the tip of your nose, your forehead and chin as Indian skin has a yellow ting and this helps in blending the color on the face.

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