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Chitrangada Singh  -The Very Verve Girl! 

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By – Kavita Shyam

Chitrangada Singh the enchanting beauty has mesmerized Bollywood with her acting histrionics and drop dead gorgeous looks. From alternative movies the bundle of talent made leap into commercial cinema and there has been no looking back ever since. The svelte, dusky beauty is a favorite face of many endorsements till date. She is no hurry to get to the top in Bollywood, so she is ready to take it as it comes at a relaxed pace.

An actress par excellence, brand ambassador, fitness freak and fashionista. Chitrangada Singh, the quintessential Indian beauty in a quick tete-a- tete.  Read on!

How do you manage to keep you skin smooth and beautiful with your busy schedule? 

As actors we are expected to look good all the time. The new age women’s lifestyle demands a lot of attention towards grooming.

Tell us about your beauty secrets? The essential tips to glowing skin, beautiful body and healthy tresses regime would be?
For a good body, I believe in working out regardless of a gym.  You can just buy a pair of good shoes and go running whenever possible. As for skin and hair, drink lots and lots of water and stay hydrated.

A diet that you believe in and follow for a good skin, hair and body would be?
I don’t believe in dieting. I believe we should eat in moderation and focus on being healthy. Of course as mentioned earlier, drink lots and lots of water!

Do you enjoy being a brand ambassador more than acting?
Getting associated with a well-known brands is a no brainer. I believe in the products and that’s why I choose to be a brand ambassador. It has been a slow year for me in regard to Bollywood but I have a few releases coming up soon.

What are the secret tips to grooming?
Modern Indian women are multi-faceted and required to be presentable at all times. They play multiple roles. That’s why it makes sense to use multi-faceted products to make our life easier. It is not always possible to go to a parlor all the time.

Are you a spa person? What do you like to indulge in when you go to a spa?
I like relaxing but rarely get time to indulge in spas

Tell us about you fashion mantra? Your favorite fashion designers and shopping destinations would be?
My stylist takes care of all my styling and keeps me updated on the latest fashion trends. I like to usually go with whatever makes me feel comfortable and confident in.

How often to you visit a beauty expert/ dermatologist for your needs? Should women visit a dermatologist often?
It is necessary to visit a dermatologist who can tell you more about your skin and how to take care of it. I try to fix an appointment at least once in two months if not more.

Give us a peek into the must-haves in your closet/ handbag and in your makeup bag and most importantly your vanity kit

In my bag – 

  1. Eye liners – I love eye liners; I must have around 20 of them at a time!
  1. My Venus- My secret weapon for all beauty emergencies.  A girl and her razor should never be parted. Here’s a secret. Whether I’m on a beach holiday or hiking in the rain forest of Puerto Rico, I want to have smooth, gorgeous legs because it makes me feel feminine and beautiful. It is so easy to carry. To tell you the truth, it lives in my handbag and travels with me where ever I go.
  1. Blocking it-Regardless of the destination being a sub-zero temperature region or a sunny island in the Bahamas, I make sure that I’m always pack my sunscreen in my travel case.  The ozone layer is slowly depleting and so it’s essential to shield your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It’s an absolute must in my travel bag.
  1. Creaming it-To save my skin from dehydration I always carry a good moisturizer with me. It ensures that my skin stays soft and radiant even with external climate changes. I love using Organic moisturizers because it keeps my skin smooth and beautiful regardless of the season or destination.

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