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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Where Does Sydney Mystery Beach Appear?

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A new Sydney mystery beach has seemingly appeared next to Bondi out of nowhere. The Sydney mystery beach, called Mackenzies Bay, is usually just a small rocky basin located between Bondi and Tamarama beaches but now, it has been covered with meters of sand, giving beachgoers another spot to enjoy.

Mackenzies Bay appears about once every seven years, the locals confirm. However, the beach can disappear at any time. No one, not even the locals, know exactly why or when it appears out of nowhere and how long it is going to last.

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Nonetheless, Bruce Hopkins, the head lifeguard of Waverley Council, says that the mysterious beach could be caused by continuous swell. Hopkins says that sands build up in small surf. If it stays small, it just keeps being thrown there.

“It’s big surf that pushes the sand away. June was the last really big one, which destroyed a lot of the coastline. There’s been nothing significant since then,” the head lifeguard points out, the Daily Telegraph reports. “I grew up here and it comes in a cycle about every seven years.”

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Still, this explanation does not satisfy some, including scientists. Rob Brander, a coastal geomorphologist at the University of New South Wales, thinks that the appearance of the mysterious beach could be explained by long-term climate cycles, which we know as El Niño and La Niña.

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Brander explains that during La Niña, storms are more frequent, causing bigger waves and eroding our beaches. On the other hand, fewer storms appear during El Niño, causing only smaller waves and allowing the beaches to recover.

Beachgoers may want to take their dogs to Mackenzies Bay but the council banned them. However, this does not stop beachgoers from taking their pets to the beach because the spot is not usually patrolled and rangers are generally considerate.

Online Source: Aussie Network News.

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