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Your Weekly Predictions

Sunday, 25 Sep 2016 to Saturday, 1 Oct 2016

Aries – 21st March to 20th April

Material gains are in store for you in the coming days. This is favoured by Moon in the 5th House from your Sign. Creativity too shall get a boost. Plan some important activity on the first two days of the week. On Wednesday, an important and promising change in planetary position takes place. Ruler of your Sign Mars enters its Sign of exaltation, Capricorn. This could boost your confidence. However, on the flip side, you could get unpleasantly assertive. While it is good to express your views firmly, it is also wise to give a patient hearing to constructive suggestions from well wishers, counsels Ganesha. Businessmen and professionals will be comfortable and may be able to seal a lucrative deal. Your clout could increase in social circles. People around you may seek your opinion on important matters. Health shall not be a major trouble, this week. Nonetheless, do remain watchful of your diet and exercise routine.

Taurus – 21st April to 21st May

If you can, avoid starting anything new during this phase. Jupiter gets combust on arrival of Sun in Libra. This dilutes positive influence of Jupiter. Those in a love relationship and eager to wed may need to postpone their plans till Jupiter remains combust. The importance of Jupiter can be gauged by the fact that it is measured as a great cohesive force, informs Ganesha. So, when cohesive forces are weak, union is on shaky ground. Wednesday sees Mars entering more sensible Capricorn, wherein it gets exalted. This will show you the right directions. There is a possibility of increase in expenses on personal indulgences and habits. This is due to Mars exerting its influence over the 12th House (from your Sign), indicative of expenses. Married folks may be left anxious, owing to a sudden strong assertiveness displayed by their partner. Try and remain cool, and let this pass!

Gemini – 22nd May to 21st June

You will spend money extravagantly to enhance your image in your social circle and among friends. However, at the back of your mind, you will have a hidden agenda about how to benefit from this exercise. With Mercury becoming direct, you will be less profligate and more inclined to save. Take care to park your savings in a safe avenue and not get tempted by high returns from a perilous scheme. Influence of Saturn over the fourth House, concerned with savings, and Mercury transiting therein, could make you itchy to invest. But, be careful of wily Saturn and its intentions, warns Ganesha. Around Wednesday, Mars leaves the company of Saturn to shift to its own Sign of exaltation, down-to-earth Capricorn. Thankfully, this change does not indicate any additional monetary gains, except the regular earnings. See, Saturn helps those who helps themselves!

Cancer – 22nd June to 22nd July

With Mercury direct in movement now, it is a good time to shuffle your financial portfolio to increase gains. However, do not take any short cuts. Mars is measured as favourable planet for your sign. On Wednesday, Mars enters its sign of exaltation, Capricorn, in direct opposition to your sign. For married folks, this may improve relationships with your spouse. Both will enjoy pleasures of physical intimacy. The stars are also promising for singles keen on developing a serious long term relationship. However, with Jupiter still in combust state, this does seem like a good time to tie the knot, informs Ganesha. With regards to health, you will be bothered by common cough and cold. If you do not take care of your health, you may also be bothered by mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Take care! Meditate to find inner solace.

Leo – 23rd July to 22nd August

Moon in your Sign inspires you to introspect. If you are spiritually inclined, this is a good time to delve deep and seek the right path. From Wednesday, you will be busy attending to family matters. You may have to incur a major expense on an urgent need of the family. Around midweek, Mars changes Sign to enter its Sign of exaltation, down-to-earth, Capricorn. If doing job, you could be entrusted with some important and lengthy task. You need to prove your skills and pressure handling abilities here, points out Ganesha. Businessmen could score over competitors during this phase. Now is also the time for favourable results, no matter which field you are in. With regards to health, no major threat is visualized. The exalted Mars will strengthen you immune system. So even if you fall sick, you will get back on your feet soon.

Virgo – Aug 23 to Sept 22nd

Moon in royal Leo inspires you to do some charity work. Charitable and humanitarian efforts could help ward off negative vibes, which may thwart your progress, at this time. From Wednesday, though, your focus will shift to other routine matters. Now Moon transits through your Sign. Around midweek, Mars shifts into its Sign of exaltation, Capricorn. This change is likely to lead to a rift with a person with whom there are emotional attachments. Otherwise, exalted Mars in the fifth House could encourage you to take decisions with conviction and confidence, comforts Ganesha. Married folks will remain dissatisfied on not getting due response from their partner to enjoy bliss of life. With regards to health, problems related to the lungs, respiratory system and joint pains may need to be treated promptly.

Libra – 23rd September to 22nd October

Your endearing qualities like grace and humility shall help you win friends. However, be careful! Not everybody is genuine. So, avoid opening your heart (and secrets) to all and sundry, advises Ganesha. With Saturn having an aspect over the 12th House from your Sign, you shall need to be watchful, if undertaking long distance travel. The influence of Mars over the 10th House from your Sign will roll in busy times for the businessmen and professionals. Mars enters earthly Sign Capricorn midweek and gets exalted. Powerful Mars in the fourth House makes it difficult to concentrate. You will be tempted to think of more options to work on, but they all seem far-fetched. Ganesha feels that you should stick to your present job and attempt to do your best.

Scorpio – 23rd October to 22nd November

The wind blows favourably for you at the beginning. There are big deals, big opportunities in store. Moon in Leo will facilitate businessmen to strike good. On successful handling of this task, gains will be significant and long-lasting. However, nothing comes easy, says Ganesha. You will need to make committed efforts to achieve desired results. Mercury, now in direct motion, will bring forth monetary advantages that will cheer you up. For job holders, the going is not smooth. You will be disgruntled for one reason or another. Around midweek, Mars enters its sign of exaltation, Capricorn. This will comfort you in your job. You will be entrusted with some important, lengthy task. You may have to work for extended hours to meet scheduled deadline. However, some kind of back stabbing may hurt your prospects. Beware! Minor health issues like common cold could get bothersome.

Sagittarius – 23rd November to 21st December

Mercury becoming direct in motion will make your work smooth. In turn, your performance improves. Businessmen can now consider implementing developmental plans. However, starting a fresh venture or launching a new product is no-no here, warns Ganesha. Around midweek, Mars comes out of your sign to enter it sign of exaltation, down-to-earth Capricorn. This can fetch some unexpected monetary gains. Saturn, having aspect over the 10th House from your Sign, along with its planetary allies Mercury and Rahu, will make you more tactful and persuasive. You’ll win over an important customer to sign a lucrative deal. In terms of health, one suffering from chronic health issues like diabetics will need to be careful. A periodic check-up is a must! Watch what you eat; also find time to exercise.

Capricorn – 22nd December to 20th January

This week there should be no fear of hurdles on path to progress. Thanks to Saturn, having aspect over the ninth House, along with its friends Mercury and Rahu transiting therein. Venus, in a passionate watery Sign Scorpio, could support singles to enjoy romantic moments with new found love. Married folks will shed reservations and behave more like honeymoon couple. Ganesha advises that you stay away from idle friends who have no aim and direction in life. Around mid-week, Mars enters your Sign and gets exalted. This shall make you confident about taking some decisions. But, alas! You may also develop a tendency to blow your own trumpet now. Be level headed, urges Ganesha! Mars transiting through your Sign will strengthen your immune system. So, health stars are shining!

Aquarius – 21st January to 18th February

Married folks should get ready to guard against a major spat in the coming days. The disagreement could be over some important issue. Both you and your spouse may take a firm stand, refusing to relent. As a result, reconciliation seems distant. You will be upset about this. Do not rake up past incidences, instead restrict your argument to the present issue. Venus in the 10th House from your Sign now may prompt you to get organized and systematic in routine activities, points out Ganesha. Mars enters its Sign of exaltation, the earthy Capricorn, around mid-week. Professionals handling offshore projects could benefit by this change. Businessmen in foreign trade will also gain now. Singles will succeed in getting close to someone they admire. Love blossoms! With regards to health, slow digestion could get bothersome. Diabetics too need to be careful. A regular checkup will help monitoring the issues effectively.

Pisces – 19th February to 20th March

Planetary position indicates that a stranger will of great help to you. This could further your cause. Venus does not own any positive house for your sign. However, Venus in the ninth House will support progressive forces to work effectively. Mars rules the ninth House concerned with fortune in general. Around midweek, Mars enters a down-to-earth Capricorn and gets exalted here. In view of this, circumstances will be favourable from now on. There will be opportunities to strengthen your financial status. Some good monetary gains will enliven you. But, your health may be impacted negatively, says Ganesha. You may be down with fever and may need to take rest for a couple of days. Be on the lookout for any untoward symptoms, and consult a doctor promptly.

Weekly Predictions – Ganesha Speaks

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