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Uber driver crashes into front yard of home at Balmain

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A FAMILY was given a rude shock this morning after an Uber driver ran a rental car into the front yard of their home in Sydney’s Inner West.

About 1am, emergency services were called to the corner Jubilee Pl and Darling St, Balmain, after reports of a car crashing into a home causing structural damage.

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The driver had let one of his passengers out and was performing a three-point turn on Jubilee Pl, when he slipped his gear into drive instead of reverse, causing the car to scoot up the gutter, through a white picket fence and wedging into the foundations of a balcony.

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The homeowners had just turned off the television to go to bed when they heard the noise.

“We were watching the Grand Prix when we heard a huge bang, “the man said. “ I spent all day in the garden too.”

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A woman who lived in the second-story flat of the compromised balcony said the noise woke her and her partner up, but they didn’t realise it was so close.

“We came out to see what was going on and looked out,” she said. “Then I looked down and there was a car in the front lawn.”

Firefighters removed debris and carefully extricated the car before tidying up the scene.

No one was hurt in the incident.


Online Source: news.com.au

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