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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Domestic Violence Survivors ‘Speak Out’

Hundreds of domestic violence victim-survivors have contacted support services following the NSW Government’s ‘Speak Out’ campaign, with the positive impact prompting another round of...

New Law Protects Pets from Domestic Violence

Domestic violence victim-survivors and their companion animals will have greater protections from abuse under new laws that commenced this weekend. Attorney General and Minister for...

Understanding Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO)

Nowadays it has become very common that families seek police assistance for simple matters without even realising the aftermath of such beginnings. The moment...

Man Had Parents Travel From India To Help Him Beat Wife, Police Say

An arrest report cited by the newspaper said Devbir Kalsi and Gaind were arguing Friday night when he struck her "repeatedly and forcefully." Looking to...

Domestic violence: Shelter releases step-by-step guide for women ready to flee abusive relationships

Not wearing scarves or long jewellery during a violent argument, staying away from the kitchen where knives might be easily accessible, and ditching smartphones...

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