Tadasana: Be As Sturdy As A Mountain


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Have you noticed how our body reflects the way we feel through the language of postures, mirroring the state of the mind or consciousness?

Tapping the converse of this fact, Yoga introduces us to Asanas (postures). By holding the body in a specific way, brain centres get activated which heighten the state of mind and enhance awareness; thereby facilitating a favourable base for the prana or life energy to flow freely within the body.

On a physical plane, the combination of asanas and breathing, work together to improve circulation and energise the corresponding internal organs. The result: a well-nourished, active and alert body.

Before performing any asana, body balance is essential. The sturdiness to hold the posture is achieved by practising Tãdasana or Mountain Pose — the first position in standing asanas.

Tadasana: Be As Sturdy As A Mountain


How To Do It?

  • Stand on the mat with feet and legs close together (big toes touching and parallel)
  • Drop the arms next to the thighs with fingers pointing down
  • Gently rock back and forth and sideways till you feel the weight distributed evenly on the heels. Memorise this position
  • Now, tighten ankles, pull up kneecaps, pull the thighs inwards. Straighten the back, tuck in the tummy and square the shoulders — not in military style, but firm
  • Elongate the neck and focus ahead on a point, while keeping chin parallel to the floor
  • Breathe deeply and easily; hold the position for 30 seconds at least
  • Observe the sensations in the body and mind

This seemingly simple asana takes consistent effort to master it. Yoga proponent BKS Iyengar says, if one can perfect tadasana, one can master yoga. Justly so, for, Tadasana is the preparatory and intermediary posture to all asanas.

Mingle it in your daily activities: consciously stand straight and re-create tadasana while waiting in a line or at the store or while doing chores.

When you are comfortable in the posture, Take this challenge:

  • Hold the position in Tadasana and gently close the eyes. You should aim for the same sturdiness. If you notice you are swaying, it indicates an uneven weight distribution and that you need to practice further.
  • Deepen the experience of the asana by bringing the palms together in Namaskara mudra and chant Omkara.

Keep at it. We will meet soon!



Improves posture and gait; straightens the spine; strengthens limbs and abdominal muscles; relieves sciatic pains



Variations: (palm tree pose)

·      Stand in Tadasana with the feet a few inches apart

·      Raise both arms above the head, palms facing inwards

·      Now gently rise on the toes, focus ahead, hold for 10 seconds and lower your feet

·      Alternately, raise the arms above and bring palms in Namaskara mudra

·      Ensure deep breathing throughout



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