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Protecting young people from violent extremism

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Have your say about how young people can be protected from violent extremist influences.

The NSW Government is calling for ideas from the community into its Countering Violent Extremism Early Intervention Program.

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The $4 million program aims to build resilience and promote community harmony and social cohesion.

Written submissions from the community will help the government identify the scope of the new program.

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Multiculturalism Minister John Ajaka said that NSW prided itself on being a peaceful, harmonious, multicultural and multi-faith society.

“Last year after the tragic events at Martin Place the people of NSW showed the world how we respond to violence and terror with human kindness, compassion and multicultural unity,” Mr Ajaka said.

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“When it comes to the safety of our family and the future of our children we must all work together and focus on what unites us.”

Have you say now, download the submission paper. More about the submission process.

Submissions close 14 August 2015 at 5pm. Email your submission to [email protected]

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