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Thursday, December 9, 2021

President Barack Obama White House Photo Album: Pete Souza, The Chief Official White House Photographer Shares His Favorite 55

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For the last 8 years, Pete Souza has been the Official White House Photographer. Over the course of President Barack Obama’s two terms, Souza estimates he will have taken nearly 2 million photographs. You can find over 6,600 on the White House’s official Flickr account.

Souza has captured some incredibly powerful, heartfelt and poignant moments of President Barack Obama over the last 8 years and a gallery of 16 photos has recently gone viral, claiming to be Souza’s personal favorites. Although he has denied this claim, the photos are still amazing.

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Since 2009, Souza has compiled an annual “Year in Photos” gallery; a collection of 75-100 of his favorite photos from the previous 12 months. I went through all of the albums and have compiled 55 highlights. For more be sure to check out the official White House account on Flickr.

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Or Click on Twisted Sifter to see the top 55 photos.

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Online Source: Twisted Sifter.

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