Matri Devo Bhava- Mothers day Special


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 Pampering mum makes her special day perfect.

By Rekha Rajvanshi.

On Mother’s Day each year, my daughter presents me with a bunch of flowers, a surprise gift and a card. My son rarely buys gifts, but we go out for dinner. I stay in bed until my cup of tea or breakfast (sometimes) is brought to me. To me, Mother’s Day is about complete relaxation or getting pampered because I deserve it, and so do all mothers, just once a year. Mother’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and love on the second Sunday of May, to show gratitude to mothers. ‘Matri Devo Bhava’ meaning ‘mother is like a goddess’ is a strong tenet of our Indian culture, and lately, this special day has become popular in India, as well as with Indo-Australians. Here’s a glimpse into how families here celebrated with their special mums.

Photos and pizza

We bought mum a big beautiful bouquet of flowers and had a very relaxed morning. We had pizza for lunch, and then dressed up to take some photos because Mum loves photos especially with her favourite people 🙂 We made her a cheesecake, and gave mum her presents and card. The day ended with music and a good movie. One day really isn’t enough to thank her for all she does, but we can always try!
Mishty Lal, student at UTS

Best friend forever!

The relationship with my mom will always be 9 months more than with any other person. For me, Mother’s Day was not about putting up a lovely status on social media and pretending to be more attached to my mother.My day began with waking up earlier than usual to make breakfast for my mom. She loves to eat pancakes, so I went online and watched a cooking lesson to learn how to make them. Then we went to different malls as she loves to shop, just like any other woman. But she didn’t buy anything for herself; instead she bought me new clothes and a pair of shoes. I treated her as a friend that day, so I took her on a dinner date to a fine dining restaurant. I shared secrets of what I do and how I feel, and it seemed like I was talking to my best friend, but not my mom.
Badal Chawla, business entrepreneur

A wonderful day

Mother’s Day began with the usual tradition of homemade pancakes in the morning, accompanied with toast, butter, jam, honey, eggs and coffee. Afterwards, my parents, sister and I drove to Lizard Log Park in Liverpool to meet the rest of our family to celebrate the day. After playing some games, listening to music and eating delicious food we returned home and had dinner. That’s when we gave mum our presents, my sister bought her a nice dress, whilst I got her a candle set, warm shoes and a thick woollen scarf. All in all, a wonderful day!
Kartik Sharma, studying at University

Love mum forever!

This year like every year, I didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day with my mum. Not because I wasn’t bothered enough to do celebrate, but because I don’t need a special day to tell my mum how much I love her. I think every day should be Mother’s Day. After all, our moms work 365 days a year for no pay. I try to give back the unconditional love she has for me, which according to me is the best gift for any mother. Luckily, she agrees with my views and believes that a mother-daughter relationship is not just for a day, but forever.
Ritika Singh, studying at University

Juicing it up for mum

We did not do anything elaborate on Mother’s Day as it really has not been a tradition in our home to give gifts to each other on birthdays or anniversaries. We tried to keep it as a relaxed day for her. My brother and I made brunch for all of us, and made sure she stepped in the kitchen as less as possible. Trust me, it was not easy for two boys to cook without the help of their mother. She had recently bought a Nutribullet machine but as she works full time, she did not have the time to operate it. She love juices so I surprised her by making juice for her, with her favourite fruit. Then at night we went to a nice restaurant for dinner, ending the day with hot gulaab jaamuns.
Vibhu Bahl, studying at University

The Indian Telegraph Sydney Australia


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