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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Man Gets over $1200 From Domino’s For Pizza That Never Arrived

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IT’S a Saturday night in and you’re feeling kinda peckish.

After a hellish week at work, you bid farewell to all human contact, order yourself several boxes of pizza online and prepare for the doughy gluttonous joy that is to ensue.

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But alas, for one humble man from New South Wales, all dreams of a cheesy baked flatbread delight were shattered by the haughty pizza conglomerates that ruled from above.

Tim Driscoll, 30, went online on Anzac Day last year and ordered three respectable pizzas: meatlovers, vegetarian and Hawaiian; plus two garlic bread (for no pizza order is complete without a touch of garlicy goodness).

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But an hour later, nothing had arrived. Mr Driscoll said he called his local Domino’s store at Fairy Meadow, where the manager apologised, said the store had been inundated with orders and that his money would be refunded.

Only the money never came.

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“They kept saying they were looking into it but after 12 months of fobbing me off with ‘we’ll get back to you’, I thought I had to bring it to a head,” Mr Driscoll told The Daily Telegraph.

Now this is the point where many of us would usually just give up, write an angry review on the store’s Facebook page, and find a way to work it angrily into all party conversations for the following decade. But Mr Driscoll, who specialises in workers’ compensation, decided he wasn’t going to just sit there and let the big pizza giants win.

“I took the extreme step of going to court.”

The result? According to The Daily Telegraph, Domino’s has been ordered to pay him a total of $1203.27 over the order.

He has also asked the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to take further action against the pizza giant for breaching consumer laws.

And just like that, justice is restored!

Domino’s accused Mr Driscoll of wasting the court’s time and said it intends to apply to have the judgment overturned.

Online Source: News.com.au.

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