Why are Indians corrupt? Part II


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By Pankaj Yadav

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The 18% humans of European heritage own 75% of the planet’s resources, while the other 82% of the population make do with only 25%! Little wonder that corruption in countries like India is an unfortunate byproduct with the uneven distribution of the world’s resources like water, food, land, and housing. However, could that be the only reason?

Is Population the Root Cause?

A lot of people – especially the so-called “Westerner” variety – will have you believe that all of India’s problems are rooted in its gargantuan population. It seems to be a fairly logical conclusion. After all, like China (as well as the rest of Asia), and Africa, we have just multiplied and multiplied over the last five thousand years or so, within mostly unchanged geographic boundaries. This has resulted in unsustainable population densities.

Too many people per square kilometer!

Wrong! India’s population density is 368 per square kilometer. But do you realize that there are 412 people to every square kilometer in the Netherlands? Yet, Netherlands is a rich country with hardly a level of corruption comparable to India’s? Why?

Economic Block

The answer is obvious. Population is not the problem in India! Productivity of this population is. Imagine if the Indian population was as productive as the Dutch! Would India not be the greatest country in the world then? This is what the West is really scared of, about India and China. Our sheer numbers – and that too with a much younger demographic – if anywhere near as productive as the West would be simply unstoppable. So the West has very cleverly and subtly, for decades, tried to embarrass India and China about their huge populations. As if the Indians and the Chinese – being the uncivilized sorts that they are – have just gone on producing children, uncontrollably, thereby jeopardizing the whole planet! It is this perceived guilt that in part has manifested itself in the past in misadventures such as the “one-child-policy” in China, and forced sterilizations, in India.

White Genocide and Conquest of New Worlds

The “civilized” West has, in the meanwhile become educated and rich. Though the latter is true, had the Europeans not occupied the Americas, Australia/ NZ, and South Africa over the last two to three hundred years, and had stayed back in Europe instead, their problems of population, corruption, and poverty would not have been any less than those of India’s and China’s. Essentially, the rich, productive, Western societies we see today, are a direct result of the occupation of large swathes of the world – and it’s resources – by the ancestors of today’s Westerners.

[Text Box]Also to note is the fact, that this occupation involved large scale genocide of the native populations. It is ironical, therefore, that today’s polite, educated, progressive, productive, and affluent Western societies are founded on extreme cruelty towards the local aborigines of the world! When you consider this big picture, you realize that it is India and China, who should take the moral high ground – and not be embarrassed about their populations – than the West, which is founded on large scale butchery in the name of colonization.

Awaken, Overcome or Self-Destruct

History cannot, however, be undone, and we need to live in the present. So how do we make the Indian populace as productive as the Dutch? The answer, of course, is education. Everyone knows that. The question is, how do we quickly and effectively transform India into a highly educated, productive society? This, unfortunately, is the sixty-four billion dollar question, with no easy answer.

It is not in the interest of the only people who can affect a massive transformation of India – the politicians – to educate Indians on a massive scale. After all, it will be well nigh impossible then for the pollies to be able to buy votes by supplying free blankets, or rice at Rs. 2/ kg! And votes are all, politicians all over the world want.

So what’s the solution to this conundrum? The answer lies in the empowerment of the currently disenfranchised Indian majority. In this world, elites do not really give anything – including education – to the commoners out of the goodness of their hearts. They give it – grudgingly, I might add – because ordinary people demand it. Ordinary people demand it because they are empowered. The average Indian is not.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death...

Before 1789 AD, French society was quite like what the Indian society is now. The Royals and the Blue Bloods had ruled roughshod over the peasants for centuries. Finally, the dam of bourgeois docility burst and the French Revolution began. There was a lot of violence involved, and plenty of elites were lynched or guillotined. But what transpired out of this massive upheaval was the power that the common folks suddenly acquired. The elites, on the other hand, truly learnt their lesson. They could not exploit ordinary Joe anymore, and feudalism slowly died out. The rest of Europe also learnt from this revolution. Many parts had their versions of it too.

[Text Box]India has never had it’s “French Revolution.” Exploitation of those more unfortunate than oneself, and Feudalism, still rule the roost.

Wrath of Justice, an Element of Progress

At this point, I must clarify that I am not recommending violence. This is not 1789. However, revolution, we do need in India. Perhaps, in this age of extreme digital connectivity, ideas can travel at a speed of light and continue to gain momentum till they become an unstoppable force. Maybe, one day, India will have it’s “French Revolution.” Digitally. And soon!

Mind you, we the elites will lose our cheap servants and the like if the revolution comes. I don’t know about you, but I would celebrate that day!

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