Holistic beauty is what works for Jacqueline Fernandez


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By Aarti Kapur Singh

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez has come a long way since portraying the dreamgirl in ‘Alladin’ and dangling her ‘Chittiyaan Kalaayiaan’, and one of the reasons for her success are her exotic looks, thanks to mixed genes from her Malaysian mother and Sri Lankan father. While sharing her beauty secrets, Jackie admits that she prefers natural looks and relies on Indian health practices for holistic beauty.

“Real beauty to me is natural. You can’t get more beautiful than a natural, clean-looking face. And no matter how amazing your makeup is or how much plastic surgery you’ve done, there is nothing more beautiful than a face that glows from within,” she declares. Here are Jackie’s tips in her own words.

“Food and love for who you are, is important to looking good”

My commitment to caring for my looks is a combination of a healthy diet and a skincare and fitness routine. The must-haves in my food basket are super foods, nuts, nut milks, quinoa, salads, green vegetables and fruits. I grew up in Bahrain where it was always scorching hot, so I used to drink a lot of coconut water to keep myself hydrated, and it worked wonders for my skin as well. I now swear by it and add it to my juices and smoothies. I also keep my skin hydrated by spritzing on rose, mineral or aloe vera water. I never, ever forget my daily skincare ritual, whether I’m tired or shooting. It’s especially important when you have so much make-up on your face every day.

Earlier, fitness was only about losing weight, but now its more about pursuing a holistic approach and overall wellbeing. I alternate my fitness routine with yoga; I practise Hatha, Ashtanga or Iyengar with cardio and strength training. I practice yoga for an hour every day. I also do some form of cardio, which helps me break out into a sweat and gets my adrenalin pumping. Right now, I’m training in martial arts, but otherwise I like to dabble in different activities so that it doesn’t feel like exercise, such as dance.

I enjoy eating, so I don’t really have a specific diet, except that I watch my fried food and sugar intake. Sugar is actually the worst thing for your skin and body. I try to curb my sweet tooth by eating fresh fruit, but sometimes I do succumb. I eat three well-balanced meals a day, but I do eat rice with my meals – that is something I cannot do without. I try to stick to a vegetarian diet most of the time, but I like eating fish. I just keep it as simple as possible, and listen to my body. When you’re not hungry, simply don’t eat.

“My beauty products are functional and not much to do with makeup”
I love the Vanilla Body Mist, Brazil Nut Body Butter, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer and Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil by The Body Shop. These are the things you will find in my handbag – if I ever carry one! I have been using Dermalogica products for many years now, and they really work for me. What I like about them is that all the products are unscented and medicated; and they are specifically for skincare. I start my day with the cleansing gel, and at the end of the day, I clean off all the makeup with a pre-cleanser, then a cleanser, toner and finally a moisturiser. I have also just started using the Estée Lauder Night serum, which is really helpful in skin hydration through the night. It is important to use sunscreen and definitely apply a moisturiser before applying makeup, so that the skin is shielded from the layers of makeup being applied on it. It is also easier to clean it off when you apply a moisturiser.

“If I neglect my hair, it shows”

Aside from deep conditioning, I regularly go for the Kérastase Hair Spa treatment because it really hydrates the hair. When it comes to skin and hair care, diet is of prime importance. Eat nuts and fish and other food items that are good for your skin and hair, and drink enough water. Also, I try to use minimal products in my hair, and also apply a heat protective serum before styling.

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