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Fabulous Hair Care for Autumn 

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By : Kavita Shyam

With every new season come varied hair care concerns. As the mercury dips down we need to pay special attention to while transitioning your tresses from summer to fall. You don’t have to be hyper vigilant like summer months, however during autumn months hair does tend to act pricey and you need to switch up your hair care regime.

As observed, hair fall, dry and frizzy hair are the most common hair care woes that one has to suffer in fall.

Take your hair from summer to fall with simple hair care tips to get healthy and shiny mane.

  1. Get a trim for split ends and good hair growth, every 8-12 weeks.
  1. Wear your hair down, softly pinned up instead of a tight pony.
  1. Get yourself mask treatments for added moisture. It also helps condition the ends, amp up the hair volume and give a healthy shine to the hair.
  1. Hair tends to break easily in cooler months, therefore you must up the moisture quotient. So whether you using styling products or have colored hair, it needs extra attention. So get your hair protectants, mousse, spray, serums and hair cream in place. Also prefer the ones that can then be used to protect the hair from UV rays and styling tool damage specifically.
  1. While you are at it, don’t ditch your beach spray. If your hair has a natural wave, encourage rather than fight the curl with the help of your trusty beach spray. They’re just as effective in the fall for playing up your hair’s natural texture besides also adding volume.
  1. Get hair massage often, this helps retain the natural oil or lipids of your hair and smooth down the cuticle.
  1. You may also indulge in hair spa more often to keep the hair issues at bay.
  1. You must use the anti-humectants repel moisture from the atmosphere, which makes them extremely effective for fighting frizz. Hair can be kept moisturized, anti-humectants help in just that. So get yourself are lots of anti-humectant pomades, serums, and gels which provide softness and moisture. Argan oil is a natural anti-humectant for all hair types.
  1.  For your hair, use a gentle, sulfate free shampoo as well as conditioners that show moisturizing, this helps overcome dryness. Because they smooth the cuticle, they also help prevent frizz and fly-aways. If your issue is fly-aways then spray your brush lightly with hairspray before doing a final brush-through.

Goel, Makeup artist and owner of Khoobsurat Salon, Spa and Academy gives us the following inputs on haircare for autumn.

Hair Fall Prevention

Increased hair loss in the fall is the most seen problem during autumn season. This is nothing to be alarmed about; however it’s just a result of your hair being exposed to the sun’s rays during the season. All the same, it is important to forestall this hair loss as soon as fall arrives. Look for hair care treatments that will ensure healthy re growth. For oily hair, the use of a gentle shampoo and a scalp treatment containing sea salt, for example, will be beneficial. As for dry hair, a treatment with essential oils will help to revitalize your hair. A scalp massage will also improve blood circulation.

Use Natural Conditioner: Prevent further drying your hair by keeping your products all-natural. “Natural ingredients are the go-to because they won’t strip your hair of oils like synthetic and alcohol based ingredients do, use Coconut oil, eggs and keratin oil for extra hydration with natural ingredients.

Go Darker
Autumn is synonymous with sun-kissed hair, with highlights a staple for pretty much all shades. But as your time spent outside shortens as the weather gets colder, those highlights will fade. . Coloring it darker allows this transition to happen easier and evens out the color. Go for Dark brown, Blonde or chocolaty colors.

Deep Condition
The next hair care tip for autumn is not the season’s exclusive, but is definitely something you must not forget once the hot days are gone. Use hot oil treatments and natural oils to restore moisture and elasticity to your sun dried tresses and follow up with a deep conditioning treatment of choice. A deep conditioning session is best done after clarifying and will result in wonderfully restored, soft and supple hair.

Wear more head-wraps – These are a great additional or alternative to protective styles especially if you are time poor. Get yourself a scarf that is satin, instead of cotton and wear this to keep hair protected. Cotton will draw moisture out of your hair, which is not what you want if you want to keep it strong. Protection doesn’t mean neglect, you still have to make sure your scalp has oil and your hair has moisture.

just like that you can achieve beautiful hair in autumn months! Here’s to happy tresses!

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