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By – Kavita Shyam 

Women have been taking to various kinds of diets to shed weight. The latest in town is the diet which is as per the blood group and if followed accurately, can help in weight loss.

Most young women take to different kinds of diets prior to an important event or their wedding, to look fit & get the glow. Most women try to follow their favorite celebs, to get in shape. And if you belong to the same brigade, you’d know that plenty of celebrities are trying the latest trend in town, it is the diet as per to the blood group. This form of dieting is a common fad overseas with the international stars.

Exploring further on this form of diet, women who tried to eat according to their blood group instantly felt wonderful about themselves. So if you want to swear by it for losing weight, here’s how to go about it.

Each blood group type diet has emerged at different points of time; therefore, women should keep in mind certain things before going ahead with such diets. One must remember that by eating healthy food or drinks that suit their blood group type, encourages them to eat only certain foods and avoid others. Based on the blood type for instance- A, B, AB, or O, only specific foods will be ideal for people of one type which can be dangerous for another group type. We delve into the ideal food suited for varied blood groups and their personality type.

O Blood group type– This blood group type tends to be high achiever with lots of energy besides being organized. This one is perhaps the oldest blood group type, so people blessed with this type tend to stay slim on a strict huntsman like diet more on the lines of how our ancestors led their lives. Women with O blood group must try to get on a high protein diet like lean meats, fish, lamb, asparagus, broccoli and sweet potato, besides mixed fruit like blueberries, kiwi, grapes and peaches work a great deal for you. If you belong to the vegetarian category then might end up starving most of the times so you should ideally you should snack on carbs, to steer clear of blood sugar and metabolism issues. Also you must take salt in moderation. However, you should stay away from too much of dairy products or even carbohydrates, eggs, gluten, beans, legumes, wheat germ and wheat products like bread. The list is long as these products might mess with your digestion. You will have to go in for a work out to stay fit constantly so you should cardio training, treadmill, jogging, cycling, swimming or brisk walking, all of it preferably in the mornings.

B Blood group type– This blood group type needs everything in moderation and you can’t exceed the prescribed limit. Your type will have a fine, healthy constitution and with down-to-earth and practical demeanor. You are prescribed to indulge yourselves in more of lean meat, lamb, beef, chicken, fish, green leafy vegetables, wheat-free grains, coffee, fruits- bananas, grapes, plums and pineapple. You must steer clear of processed food completely. Include plenty of dairy products like yogurt, cheese and milk into your diet every day. And amongst the food types that you must avoid consists- grains, corn, buckwheat, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and wheat. This blood group type does not take much time to lose weight if you make up your mind well on it. You are individualistic, independent and focused. This blood group type should indulge in activities which are an amalgamation or balances off the body and mind, so ideally you should go in for dance or sports like basketball, volleyball, squash, tennis, Tai Chi, cycling, golf, hiking, netball, table tennis etc. on alternate days.

A Blood group type– This blood group type came into being during a time when farming was more popular than hunting, so you have a semi-vegetarian approach. Your type needs less amount of proteins or in some cases even avoid meats, red meats or fish and indulge in more of grains, nuts, seeds, beans, soy, cereals, fruit, yogurt and vegetables. Typically, you should fill your bowl with fruits like berries, figs, plums, apples, avocados, pears and peaches. Your type has a tough time digesting meats, due to lack of meat-digesting enzymes. Also you should try to reduce excessive consumption of sugar, coffee, hard drinks and try not to skip meals. While in vegetables you can choose stuff like broccoli, carrots, leafy greens and garlic. Since you are the highly sensitive, volatile, trust-worthy, artistic, perfectionist, organized, hardworking, responsible, you need gentle exercises to release your pent up energy or releases stress. For your ideal activities would be a quick session of yoga, Tai Chi, brisk walking or outdoor activities like gardening or cycling.

AB Blood group type– This blood group type is rarely found and you are lucky enough to indulge in anything to eat and digest it all. Mostly this type has an amalgamation of A and B food types. You should steer clear of too much of corn, buckwheat, meat, only once in a while indulgence on meats or indulging in seafood is preferable while you can go eat as much of vegetables, fruits, fish, carbs and grains as you like. While you can snack on plateful of fruits like cherries, grapes, watermelon and figs you can give acidic foods like oranges a pass. This type should indulge in activities which calm the inner side in you because you can be highly artistic and a go-getter, so ideal activities would be yoga or Pilates or light jogging to keep you energized.

Says nutritionist Nupur Krishnan, “Women are crazy behind such diets, especially the college going crowd these days! The teenagers, college goers, call it peer pressure or following friends or celebrities into diets of every kind, as they all want to instantly look good, lose weight and look like their favorite celeb. Many a times due to lack of proper knowledge girls end up being anorexic or suffer from Bulimia. Blood group is also related to the genes, diabetes, obesity etc. are related to your genes a lot of times. Any girl or woman following any kind of diet, must always consult a dietician to know what suits her best and gather immense knowledge before indulging in. So it’s very important to be careful and aware of what you eat and what you follow or else you might end up with something unwanted.”

Get set to sample this diet form!

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