Australia, Its Refugees & The Moral Depravity Lurking Within


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So finally our spineless politicians have passed the marriage equality bill! It took the entire adult population of the country to do the work that the politicians are paid handsomely to do, while at the same time, dipping into one’s own pocket and spending about five bucks each – for every man, woman, and child – of their hard-earned dosh for the privilege!

So has our Government now understood what the phrase, “doing the right thing” means? Has people power taught it the meaning of words like “kindness”, “empathy”, and “humanity”? Can we now rest easy that these elected representatives of ours, will from here on, represent our ideals of a “fair go” and compassion for our fellow human?

The answer, unfortunately, is blowing in the wind. All around us. And it is scary!

The Australian Government is callous beyond imagination. It is cruel and literally has blood on its hands. Blood of innocent, hapless, desperate people running away from persecution, death, and simply…hell. In recent memory, only two regimes have locked up large numbers of mainly young men, behind barbed wire and electric fences, without first undertaking any legal proceedings against them in a court of law. One of these is of course the US, and its Guantanamo Bay experiment with suspected terrorists. Though there were issues of propriety with Guantanamo Bay, it was largely a justifiable exercise given the potential consequences of not dealing with terrorism with anything but an iron fist.

The other country famous for incarcerating people without any form of legal procedure, is Australia. Australia has kept innocent men, women and children in gulag-like jails they called “detention centers” for years on end, without any recourse to justice. Their crime? Desperation. Plain and simple. Desperation, that makes a mother pick up her baby and jump on to a leaking boat in search of a safe haven!

In recent years, Australia had decided to take cruelty to new heights. It decided that not only would these “concentration camps” continue to exist, they would now exist on dirt-poor neighboring island countries, like Nauru and PNG. The godforsaken refugees – yes, even those who Australia’s completely biased immigration department had had to grudgingly recognize as bona fide refugees – would never ever be allowed to step on Australian soil. The same soil, which has been toiled and lived on by the world’s longest living civilization, and immigrants from all lands of the world!

What is astounding is that it is not just the current Liberal Government, but also the previous Labor Governments, who have practiced the policy of “off-shore detention” for several years now. The two major parties oppose each other vehemently on every issue, but suddenly, when it comes to refugees, they are in complete unison about their policy.

Why is this so?

There is only one possible answer. All the electoral sentiment data that the big parties have collected through their market research must indicate to them that we the Australian public overwhelmingly want to incarcerate desperate refugees.

If this is true, then the only thing we can possibly do is to sadly accept that we are a self-centered, heartless people whose idea of a “fair-go” only applies to ourselves. We have no place in our hearts – or in our country – for unfortunate people running away from war-ravaged parts of the world.

If this is however not true, then that would imply that our well-paid parliamentary representatives are actually totally out of touch with our views! Now, this would normally be considered a very improbable hypothesis, but then, the recent postal vote on marriage equality has clearly shown that our politicians actually do live in their own virtual world, which has little semblance to the world you and I live in!

Our government has, over the last month or so actually surpassed its own previous record levels of barbarism towards refugees, by closing down the Manus Island “hostage camp” and letting legitimate refugees out in the open, to fend for themselves. The refugees were scared to death (literally) of this eventuality and tried to resist their final forced eviction from the detention center. The refugees know very well that they are not welcome by the inhabitants of Manus Island. There have been numerous threats of extreme violence towards the refugees by the locals. It is difficult to imagine that the Manus Island refugees will find any form of employment in their new “homeland”. Almost exclusively, these refugees are young, Muslim men. The local population of Manus is not going to give away their daughters to any of these unemployed, Muslim, broken men either. How many of these forgotten destiny’s poor children would remain sane or alive in such circumstances, is anybody’s guess. Except, the Australian governments’!

If the Australian government is not responsible for this great human tragedy unfolding right now, and right in front of our eyes, then I don’t know who is!

Our government has blood – of innocent human beings – on it’s hands! History will not judge Australia kindly. Remember, Hitler? Germans, the world over, still carry around the guilt of the Nazi history of their country.

Question is, do you want to have to carry around a similar sense of guilt for the rest of your lives?

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