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Monday, October 25, 2021

Australia Has A New Political Party – And Its Name Says It All

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It’s called Love Australia Or Leave and stands for things like the right to bear arms, stopping “Islamisation” and introducing national service.

The name of Australia’s newest political party doesn’t beat around the bush. It’s called Love Australia Or Leave and it seems to be aimed at forcing out migrants who don’t want to assimilate.

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It’s been founded by Kim Vuga, a Queensland grandmother, 48, who shot to fame when she appeared on the SBS reality show Go Back to Where You Came From, and it follows on from her unsuccessful attempt at securing a Queensland Senate seat in the Federal election in July.

But undeterred, she now wants the party registered to fight elections in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

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Here’s what she said to news.com.au about her party: “I want everyone in this country to adopt the Australian culture. We have never had a problem with multiculturalism in Australia until the Muslims were allowed in. They want their own faith and I say if you do not want to be like us, go back to your own country.”

Her party has a website outlining its platform and what it stands for including stopping the “Islamisation of Australia”, withdrawing from the UN, providing the “right to bear arms” and introducing national service.

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Here is one of her Facebook posts:

Here’s what Kim has posted on Twitter – and you can imagine there are a whole lot responses to this news on Twitter from rampant support to sheer disgust. Where do you stand?

Click here for Love Australia Or Leave Website.

Online Source: Australian Women’s Weekly.

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