Amrita Rao – The Delicate Darling!


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By -Kavita Shyam

The pretty and petite damsel is envied by many for her angelic face and gorgeous figure. Needless to say, Amrita Rao has garnered enough fanfare in the many years she has spent in the glamour industry. Having been a part of many remarkable films, Amrita is a pro when facing the arc lights and is evidently required to take extra care of her good looks and maintain her fashionable avatar. Apart from being a star in her own rights, she is also hosting a grand jewellery show on NDTV Good times at present. The perky actress shares a few fashion and beauty tips with all the readers of the Indian Telegraph in an exclusive interview.

Kavita Shyam – Tell us about your make up regime, considering you are under the arc lights most of the time?

Amrita Rao -I am very particular about my makeup rituals. Since I am in a profession wherein I’m in tons of make- up all the time, I like to keep it as minimal on a non-hectic day. Kajal, lip stick, and if required a powder compact sets it all for me!

KS – If you had to choose that one make-up product that you cannot live without?

AR– The Lip liner! If I do not use a pencil or define my lips before the lipstick
comes on I’m definitely not satisfied!

 KS — If you had to choose three beauty essentials, what would they be?

AR- There are a few essentials I swear by. For me a good make up remover, a foamy face wash and a suitable moisturizer is a must have!

 KS — How do you remain so slim and glowing, what are your diet essentials?

AR -Healthy food and drinks are intrinsic. I have no diet restrictions but today a lot of youth highly suffer from liver cirrhosis or gastro problems because of eating out all the time! I avoid eating fried food at places where I doubt the quality of oil used would be inferior! Daily intake of your vitamin capsules along with your staple diet is a must!  And as stereotypical this sounds at least 10 glasses of water is compulsory. Follow a healthy and simple diet or lifestyle and you can keep health problems at bay.

KS – Do you do anything differently with your beauty regime in summer and winter months?

AR- I love pampering my skin. I have an oily skin so in the summer, so I make it a point to keep washing my face at regular intervals! Winter I use a body moisturizer on my neck and hands in the night and pamper my face it a special moisturizer that medically approved!

 KS –  Give us a hair care and skin care tip?

 AR- Well, our crowning glory and skin are the most important thing in our body as far as looks are concerned. Always oil your hair before shampooing it. Use a medicated primer such as Lacto Calamine as an under base makeup to prevent skin breakouts related to makeup residues getting into pores or makeup allergies.

KS – How do you stay in such great shape, considering we have always seen you slim and trim.  What is your take on the size zero trend in Bollywood?

AR We all should remember that its vital to be active. Keep your body mobile. Bend to pick up things or touch the floor as often as you get a chance in a day!   I am THE ORIGINAL INSPIRATION quite effortlessly. (laughs cheekily)

 KS — Your favourite designers in India or abroad? Is there a particular brand that you adore?

AR – I have a few favourites but Coco Channel- She changed the face of fashion for women in the 18th century, cut the frills and flowers and the drama that came along with the hats to be soberer, subtle yet elegant cuts and patterns!  I love Zara its youthful and has multiple options to offer.

KS -Describe your personal style quotient?

AR I love to experiment with my styles. I like smart casuals. style for me has to be customized comfortable and eventually confidant. I have to feel at ease with what I am wearing and carry it off well.

KS – Describe your casual style?

AR-My style depends on my mood. I thrive on Jeggings for a casual look. Jegging are much lighter than denims, they take your body’s shape and fit much better.  I also absolutely love harem pants or the modified dhotis with tees coupled with some junk jewelry look.

 KS –My way of relaxing after a hectic day at work?

AR- A few things help me unwind post work. I love chatting with friends on the phone or at their house. It really calms me down.

KS – Are you an accessories person?

AR -Yes, I’d say I am. I like creative bags with nice colours. I love Aldo for their shoes, and thin patent belts also.

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