Americans have been denied the joy of a Kinder Surprise … until now


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MANY patriotic Americans consider their country to be the “greatest country on earth”.

But little did they know they were being denied one of life’s great treats.

The Kinder Surprise.

Until now, the good people of the USA didn’t know the joy of busting into their chocolate egg to find a plastic pod containing an utterly useless toy.

Such as this forlorn donkey, who has other places he’d rather be.


The Kinder Surprise has been consumed around the world since 1974. Three-and-half billion Kinder eggs are sold globally each year.

But according to Fortune, the egg has been banned in America since its inception because of a 1938 FDA regulation that prohibits the selling of lollies that contains “non-nutritive objects” (aka a choking hazard).

Since the Kinder is a chocolate egg that contains a toy, it violates the regulation.

Which seems kind of ironic … an American can walk into a shop and buy a gun, but a Kinder Surprise? Oh no siree. That’s dangerous. Don’t even think about it.

Despite the ban, CNN reports that Kinder Surprise has been available here and there on the “black market” in the US … which is adorable when you think about it.

But it seems our Yankee friends are in luck. Fortune reports that America is getting a different version of the Kinder Surprise that complies with the FDA’s regulations.

In 2018, Ferrero International will release the “Kinder Joy” in America. Unlike the Kinder Surprise it has two distinct, sealed halves. One half contains the mystery toy, and the other half is filled with chocolate, milk-crème, and chocolate wafer bites. This tweak of having the toy and chocolate packaged in separate sections makes this version of the Kinder egg adhere to the FDA regulation.

The Kinder Joy was originally developed to sell the chocolate treats in warm-weather markets (such as India, China and Korea) where the traditional exposed chocolate egg melted.

Some people in the States seem to be a littler underwhelmed with their Kinder compromise:

We can only hope that when they have their first (legitimate) Kinder experience, Americans will be overwhelmed by the thrill of it all, like this baby trying bacon for the first time.

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