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Adelaide Remand Centre: Police arrest escaped prisoner Jason Burdon

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A prisoner has landed himself in more trouble after escaping from jail and allegedly going on a crime spree around Adelaide.

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A prisoner who reportedly used a rope made out of clothing to escape from the Adelaide Remand Centre on Tuesday morning has been arrested in Eden Hills.

Jason Burdon, 33, allegedly stole a car hours after he made his break for freedom, altered the number plates, used the vehicle in a petrol theft and rammed a police car while trying to escape from an Eden Hills property about 8pm on Wednesday.

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No officers were injured. Burdon was arrested at the scene and taken to hospital with minor injuries.

He will face multiple charges, including escaping lawful custody and numerous traffic offences.

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The rope he used to escape with on Tuesday could be seen hanging from part of the building, while the bars of a metal grille appeared to have been pulled apart.

Earlier, SA Police Superintendent Craig Wall said Burdon had been taken into custody for breach of bail and “some firearms offences at the lower end”.

He said the inmate had a ”substantial fall” during the escape, but he did not appear to be injured on CCTV reviewed by police.


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