Why 95% of Businesses Fail at Social Media


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Given that Social Media is the current and future life blood of all business models why is it that more than 95% of them don’t know how to use it correctly and why their current strategy is just not working. The simple reason is that they do not understand the two basic lessons that those doing it right know.

Social Media for your business needs to be considered as if it was a television station. We all know that we watch television for content not for the adverts. As a viewer we put up with the adverts because we want to be entertained by content. 

Why 95% of Businesses Fail at Social Media

Lesson 1

So the first lesson to learn about Social Media for business is that you need the right balance between content and advertising your business. Those businesses that fail at Social Media only advertise their business or provide very little other content. Nobody really wants to watch a television station that is just showing adverts. 

The reality is this, the old 80/20 rule is now the right rule for Social Media. 80% of your posting needs to be entertaining content about things relevant to your business industry but not about your business. Your followers want to be entertained with interesting content – remember it is Social Media! The other 20% can be promotion of your business, services and products.

Why 95% of Businesses Fail at Social Media

Lesson 2

The second lesson is the the quantity of content you post. Those that fail have no theory on when or why they post and usually only post randomly every few days at best. Given that a post will now only be seen by at best 5% of your Followers that means it will take 20 posts, usually over months, for your Followers to see a post from your business. 

You need to be posting between 10-20 times a day to generate the awareness of your brand and be seen every day or so. The great thing that happens when you post more often your brand and Follower base grows and that is money to the bottom line of your business. You see every Follower  that you have is worth between $5-$10 to the value of your business.  

So firstly to boost your businesses performance and the value of your business make sure you provide 80% general content and only 20% about your products and services. Secondly set a plan to post between 10-20 times per day to ensure all your Followers are seeing your page regularly and that will build your brand and sales base.

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