Time’s Up: What Did You Do On Earth Day?

Time’s Up: What Did You Do On Earth Day?

Every year we celebrate Earth Day on the April 22. It all started in America in 1970 when it was first celebrated to bring to notice the environmental crisis the world is facing. It soon spread worldwide as everyone took to the gravity of the issue. At present, 175 counties actively celebrate this day, creating awareness and promoting healthy lifestyle.
Global warming is a fact (there’s no debate there, really! Ninety-nine per cent scientists have agreed to it); temperatures are rising worldwide. The ice at the poles are melting leading to rising sea levels and causing coastal communities to evacuate their land. Every person on Earth is affected by this as the intensity of natural disasters increase.
As everyone is affected by the change, it is our collective responsibility to change our lifestyle towards more eco-friendly ways. Here are 22 easy tips that do not require much hassle but once made a practice, will save a lot of resources. Let us come together and conserve what is left our mother Earth to ensure better living for future generations.

1. Keep blinds down and windows closed. This will help keep your house cool
2. Set your air cons to a moderate 26 degrees. This saves energy and reduces emission of CFCs
3. Servicing your aircon every summer saves up to 30% energy
4. Get indoor plants. This will not only give a fresh look to your house but also keep the temperature down
5. Put on a jumper instead of turning on central heating
6. Use curtains instead of blinds. They will help retain heat within the room
7. Keep curtains open during the day and let nature do its job of keeping your home warm
All-Year Along
8. Use LED lights. They save energy and last longer, which makes it a win-win situation for both you and the environment
9. Switch off appliances when not in use. Things like your TV and washing machine use energy even when turned off and adds to your bill for no good purpose
10. Always make sure that the fridge door is shut properly
11. Clean your fridge and scrub the surface. A fridge with dusty surface uses 30% more energy! That is not cool. Not cool at all.
12. While cooking, cover pots and pans. This will reduce cooking time and give you enough pace to Google why the sweat of hippos turn red when they are upset. (Seriously though, Google it. It’s really interesting)
13. Make sure that the dishwasher and washing machine are full before washing
14. Wash your clothes at no more than 60 degree Celsius water. That wine stain might be hard to take off but 60 degree Celsius is just good enough
15. Fix your leaky faucets
16. Drink tap water instead of buying bottled water. Studies have shown that tap water is as safe. On an average, only 23% of the total water bottles are ultimately recycled. So use your own water bottle and if possible take a step further and buy your own takeaway coffee cup
17. Use cloth bags for shopping. Some stores have already stopped giving out plastic bags, it’s time you did your bit
18. Do smart groceries. Research says that 25%-40% of the groceries we buy are thrown away due to poor storage and freezing
19. Wrap your gifts in fabric and tie them up with ribbons. This will not only make your gift unique but also make you avoid the non-reusable gift wraps
20. Use a washing line to dry your clothes instead of a dryer. Let the sun do some of you work
21. Don’t let the water run continuously while washing dishes. The tap deserves a break
22. Air out washed dishes instead of using a drier. It will save up to 50% energy


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