Monthly Predictions September-2016

Monthly Predictions September-2016

Monthly Predictions September-2016 for all the signs

Aries (21st March to 20th April): Saturn has now started moving in the direct mode. Many of you shall feel much more inclined towards work and related activities. In the initial days of the month, although, you may be in a slightly bad mood, put-off by someone’s weird behaviour, things shall get better pretty soon. Someone may blame you for no fault of yours, and this shall upset you. By the end of the first week of the month, the mighty Jupiter would have entered the balanced Libra, the Sign that is ruled by Venus. Now, the righteous Jupiter tends to be slightly uncomfortable in the company of the amorous Venus, so there may be some negative implications too to this largely positive movement, cautions Ganesha. Married folks and the ones in committed relationships may feel the heat, and will need to balance out their priorities. Although, singles may have a gala time, their chances of getting into serious relationships shall be slim. In the matters of work and business, though, you can expect to get positive results and prolific gains, thanks to Jupiter’s influence. Financially too, things shall get relatively better. You shall also be feeling quite confident, especially towards the month-end, given the Mars’ influence on your 10th House. However, Ganesha warns you against being overconfident or dominating, as this shall adversely affect your prospects. Your social status or prestige too may come under the scanner, warns Ganesha. Nonetheless, from mid-month onwards, with Mercury turning direct, you shall be able to express yourself well, and this will have a good effect on all your relations. Amidst all this, Ganesha prods you to take a very good care of your health, as Sun’s adverse influence and Rahu’s malefic vibes may keep you slightly off the health track. Overall, Ganesha advises you to act with due patience in all matters, as this will also help you make the best of the available opportunities.

Important Dates : 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28

Tips: Planetary positions are poised to present you with encouraging opportunities. Stay sorted and balanced to take advantage of the whole palette. Haste makes waste – remember that. So, go slow – deliberate well before taking any action. Reign in your raging temper and emotions. Measure and assess the ground realities, before you embark on a new project. Jupiter moves into Libra on 10th i.e. the 7th House from your Sign. Well, expect a boost in partnerships and monetary affairs. But, you will still need to exercise due care, whenever needed. Health needs special care, all through the month.

Taurus (21st April to 21st May): In the month of September, financial welfare could be a key concern for natives of Taurus. In the beginning, times are not so good. Debilitated Moon transiting through the 7th House looks inauspicious for married couples. There may not be the mutual feeling of togetherness in your marriage now. The ruler of the 7th House (from your Sign), Mars, is uncomfortable in the company of Saturn, in the 8th House from your Sign. Saturn, anyway, in this position brews discontent. This despair has the potential to wreak havoc, if the negativity it generated now is not channelized properly. You may even get depressed and irrational. In view of this, make it a habit of turning negative thoughts into more constructive ones. Around 10th, Jupiter becomes direct in motion. Now progressive forces will become strong. In the second week, businessmen and professionals may get encouraging opportunities. Job holders who are keen to excel will also be supported by Jupiter. You may incur expenses on a religious ceremony arranged by your family. You will also be able to make organized efforts to achieve desired results, in this phase. Good health is foreseen in the coming days. In the new fortnight, several planetary changes happen. Moon becomes exalted in your Sign, around 15th. This helps you be your usual self, joyful and compassionate. Mercury plays an important role in your financial welfare. Mercury becomes direct in motion around 17th. Positive vibes will follow, as a result. Chances of business growing vertically and earnings increasing are high, informs Ganesha. Over the weekend of the 3rd week, the ruler of your Sign, Venus, leaves its own Sign, Libra, to enter Scorpio, forming an Opposition aspect to your Sun Sign. This may make you more passionate. You may wish to enjoy sensual pleasures. Don’t go the illicit way, though. As the month end approaches, avoid starting anything new. There is also a possibility of an increase in expenses on personal indulgences and habits. This could be due to Mars exerting influence over the 12th House (indicative of expenses) from your Sign. Married folks will be harried around this time, owing to a sudden display of assertiveness by their partner. Breathe!

Important Dates: 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26, 28

Tips: You may be unsatisfied with the way things have been going on. Well, channelize this negativity to something creative, positive and constructive. Remain persistent in your efforts – for whatever you wish to achieve. Mid-month, refrain from lending money, especially if that person is a close relation/ friend. Married life/ committed love life remains tense – you will have to keep all the patience and tact to steer the situation out of this mess. Financial transactions should be carried out with utmost care.

Gemini (22nd May to 21st June): This September, natives of Gemini could be engrossed with money matters. The union of Venus, Libra and Moon in the fifth House seems supportive of handsome gains. It could also stir up a romantic mood. Singles could be favoured by this planetary position to initiate an intimate relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Love and passion could blossom. So enjoy this phase is Ganesha’s suggestion. Unfortunately, married folks may not be able to partake in this enjoyment. There is no tenderness, no harmony between you and your spouse at this moment. This could be due to the presence of Mars and Saturn in the seventh House. Routine work will also get adversely affected here. Professionals could have a tough time meeting deadlines. In the second week, the change of sign by Jupiter brings in positive news. However, its impact could get watered down as it is now in the combust state. Even so, your spirits will be cheery. You could get encouraging returns from investments made earlier. Influence of Mars over the second House, concerned with finance, could disturb regular flow of money. Some lucrative transaction may also get stuck last minute, informs Ganesha. Professionals are likely to get favoured by Mars. If doing a job, you may need to put more effort to manage your workload. In the new fortnight, be careful about financial transactions. Although by Wednesday, with Moon entering your sign, you could be inspired to handle money matters intelligently. The ruler of your Sign Mercury now becomes direct in motion, bringing a great relief for you. However, with the Sun getting debilitated, around the same time, you will need to be cautious in new relationships. Keep a safe distance initially, till you are assured of the integrity of the concerned person, warns Ganesha. Diabetics will need to be careful during this phase. By the month end, there are chances of your spending extravagantly to enhance your image. Fortunately, with Mercury becoming direct, this tendency will reduce, and you will be more inclined to handle your finances better.

Important Dates : 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, 22, 23, 26, 28

Tips: Don’t let the disruptions in day to day work stress you out. Mars will be in the 7th House from your Sign. Watch out for aggressive behaviour in your partnerships and relationships. Work matters will keep you busy. On 22nd, Mercury turns direct – schedule your important meetings and discussions after this time. Over month-end, you will again need to be very careful in your speech and conduct. Drive carefully, and take care of your well-being at this time. Do remain open to the suggestions of your well-wishers. Focus on the resolution, rather than stretching arguments.

Cancer (22nd June to 22nd July): In September, the natives of the Zodiac Sign Cancer may be preoccupied with the aspects of finance, friendship and marriage. As the month begins, your concerns will revolve around the interiors or internal matters, related to your home. At this time, Venus and Moon will transit through the 4th House from your Sign. This union of two benefits will inspire you to make your house, surroundings or even the personal appearance stylish and trendy. Businessmen and professionals will have it easy. However, for career professionals, this may remain a challenging phase. The transit of Saturn and Mars may keep them on their toes. The 2nd week brings some better vibes, which may help you restore marital harmony, to some extent. But, things shall not be hunky dory entirely. Your performance could be hampered by disturbances in routine work. With Mercury being retrograde, you will also need to be careful, if in new relationship – even on the career/ business front. Refrain from tying up projects with an unknown person, warns Ganesha. Singles will not make any impressive headway in developing a closer relationship. Be careful about your health. You might be down with some viral infection. In the 2nd fortnight, though, you will be relatively more active and focused. You will also manage to keep communication alive with a person of consequence. Around 16th, the Sun enters airy Libra and gets debilitated. Here is when you will need to be very attentive to the aspirations and requirements of your family. Later, Venus may shower better vibes for love and romance. By the month end, with Mercury direct in movement, you may hope to get some financial gains. It will be a good time to shuffle your financial portfolio to increase gains. However, do not take short cuts. For married folks, tranquillity finally returns. The stars are also promising for singles, keen on developing a serious long-term relationship. As for your diet and lifestyle, stay as close to natural things, as possible.

Important Dates : 5, 9, 10, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28

Tips: Don’t let the stresses and strains of the day-to-day life take a toll on you. Be very careful, if starting any new relationship, including the ones on the work front. Plus, don’t let yourself talked into a situation or activity, which you normally would never approve of. Similarly, do not get impressed by someone, just by the initial picture. Dig deeper! Take special care, if long distance travels are on your agenda. Health must not be neglected, even when you are extremely busy.

Leo (23rd July to 22nd August): Leo natives shall find solace in introspection and spirituality, this month. Finances too may take the centre-stage. Mars and Saturn transiting in Sagittarius, through the 5th House from your Sign may keep you somewhat agitated. Issues related to family too may upset you. But, as the month begins, planetary positions may goad you to party with close friends and socialise without any inhibition. If you are single, there is a strong likelihood of your meeting a former crush, during a social event. Love and romance look set to blossom, so make the most of this phase. Venus in its own Sign, though, shall allow you to enjoy socialising and partying. But, as days pass, family related issues may become difficult to resolve. Tact coupled with patience shall be the key. Jupiter shifts to the airy Libra, around the end of the first week. Meeting an influential person will enliven your spirits. However, with Mercury, concerned with finances, transiting in the retrograde mode, you must refrain from making a major commitment in financial matters. Also, handle day-to-day transactions carefully. Regarding health, a severe toothache or a sore throat may keep you ill at ease. Consult a doctor immediately for any gut-related troubles. In the second week, Moon moving through Capricorn should provide you with a good opportunity to introspect and work on your weaknesses. Businessmen will be satisfied at this time. But, you will long for some intuition to take you forward. A deep-seated troubling thought may surface, making you melancholic and restless. This feeling will settle down with time, though, assures Ganesha. Health may also be bothersome at this time. Thankfully, as the new fortnight commences, a favourable wind blows your way. Mercury becomes direct in motion. Pressure on financial front will begin to ease now. Later, the Sun enters airy Libra and connects with Jupiter. Good times! After this Venus shifts into Scorpio, the 4th from your Sign. Professionals, especially creative ones, will benefit from this change. However, you will need to work wholeheartedly to reap the benefits, advises Ganesha. This will be a good time for fresh investments. Professionals in search of a new project may also get support from Venus. Towards the month-end, Mars enters its Sign of exaltation Capricorn. A feeling of strong spirituality may re-surface. You are likely to delve deeper into the issues. You may also be entrusted with some important and lengthy task.

Important dates : 6, 7, 9, 10, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28

Tips: You may get provoked by slightest cause. Try to keep your cool and remain composed, even when the things are not moving your way. Take advantage of the stars in the 2nd week, when Jupiter turns direct. No major investments till Mercury turns direct, which happens in the 3rd week. Around month-end, you may be entrusted with an important task. Prove your skills and pressure handling ability. Businessmen may score over competition in this phase. Show it to your rivals!    

Virgo (23rd August to 22nd September): Personal issues take the forefront. Also, in the month of September, financial support does not look too strong for the Virgo natives. Thankfully, the month begins on a pleasant note, as you spend time with family and friends. However, Mercury, the ruler of your Sign, is in a retrograde mode at this time, issues in personal life may arise. These may seem difficult to resolve too. The best way out shall be to intensify your focus on relevant situations, instead of sitting glum, advises Ganesha. Retrograde Mercury may also slow down your overall progress, in the initial weeks of the month, Businesspersons, whether in trading or manufacturing, might need to stall their plans for development for the time being. Don’t fret, better times are in store. In the 2nd week, Moon’s influence will cheer you up, but not for long. You may again be thinking about the practical matters and a stable future. Well, loosen up! Jupiter will be weakened now, as it shall be in a combust state. There is a strong possibility of you incurring some expenses unexpectedly. Business people may have some issues, either a slowdown of sorts or a quality issue. Ensure that even amidst the tough times, you don’t compromise on the quality of goods and services. Married folks may hanker for togetherness and tenderness with their partner. But, the busy vibe may really not let you enjoy marital peace and harmony, In the new fortnight, you may miss or fail to spot a splendid opportunity. It happens! Around 17th, the ruler of your Sign Mercury turns direct in motion. This is great news, as this will enliven your spirits if nothing else. You shall now be better positioned to resolve personal issues. However, financial aspects may still remain tight. You may incur some losses, if you fail to remain careful. However, there is a ray of hope in this gloom – love blooms, especially if you are single. Towards the month-end, Moon inspires you to indulge in some charity and be a good Samaritan. Plus, the exalted Mars in the 5th House form your Sign shall boost your sense of conviction and confidence. Marriage, though, still remains a cause for concern. Thankfully, health largely remains okay, unless you have been dealing with respiratory or joint pains related issues.

Important Dates : 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 20, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29

Tips : Don’t let the stress and strains of life get to you now. Some phases are bound to be harder than others, and this may be one of them – but there surely shall be ample glimmers of hope and silver linings, in between. Hold on to them! But, don’t lose the sight of the larger picture, Your finances and your personal life need careful guarding and fostering. You may not be in the best frame of mind, but stars urge you to keep up a strong face. Don’t let anything get to your soul. And, for god-sake, please get rid of that permanent frown. Smile, be careful in monetary matters and cultivate a hobby. 

Libra (23rd September to 22nd October): In September, your agenda may revolve around winning friends and strengthening your business/ work prospects. You could be in the best of moods, early in the month. Thank your Sign Lord Venus. Favourable time for businessmen and professionals too. You may even probably take a well-calculated risk to enhance your earnings here. Prospects for those already employed could improve. Singles will be happy on meeting a special someone at a social event. However, the married folks may be cheerless and down. In the second week, domestic matters come to the centre-stage. From around tenth of the month, Jupiter enters your Sign, signalling the beginning of better times. If you are contemplating buying a house, go ahead and invest. Professionals may be preoccupied for an extended period with an offshore project. Freshers and newcomers may remain distressed over their unhealthy pay packages, for a while, though. Have a heart, and continue unabated; things shall improve soon. Health too may cause a bit of concern at this time. If you suffer from deficiencies or joint pains, you will need to take special care. Thankfully, the 2nd fortnight brings better vibes. You may be keen to get a business partner, who will provide financial backing for your plans for expansion and progress. Routine work will continue without hassles. Mercury becomes direct around 17th, strengthening your stars and fortune. Businessmen should be able to implement plans for vertical growth. Expenses will also be better managed. On 18th Sun enters your Sign – you will shine, but don’t become arrogant, or a close relationship may suffer. Following this, Venus shifts to the 2nd House from your Sign – indicating even better times for monetary matters. Just don’t end up spending too much on luxuries, though. Good time for creative professionals too. By the month end, your endearing qualities like grace and humility may help you win friends. However, be careful. Avoid opening your heart to all and sundry, advises Ganesha. Influence of Mars over the 10th House from your Sign will roll in busy times. You may also be tempted to look for other work options. But, it would be better to stick to your present job, trying to do your best, says Ganesha.

Important Dates : 5, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 19, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29

Tips: Planets will support professionals and business-people. However, avoid looking for shortcuts. A major change in this area would be best avoided this month. Try doing your best in whatever you are already doing. Plan investments, if any, only after Mercury turns direct, after 17th. Take care while travelling, especially if you happen to travel by a mode of public transport. Also, drive carefully. Health needs care; eat well and moderate your lifestyle.

Scorpio (23rd October to 22nd November): In the month of September, a favourable wind blows for the natives of Scorpio. In the beginning, you could be itching to make a fast buck, prompted by the union of Venus and Libra and Moon being concerned with luck in general. Remain focused on your work and results will follow. The above-mentioned union could see married couples in upbeat spirits wanting to spend time together. Be prepared for a major expenditure required for the family in the coming days. Mars and Saturn, occupying the second House, indicative of finances, do not sound well for your financial health. If you make investment now, there are chances of you losing, forewarns Ganesha. Plan your finances with long term view and build a contingency fund. In the second week, the effect of two benefices visiting the twelfth House concerned with expenses in general among other things could help you manage your expenses better. You will have enough funds at the moment to meet an emergency. Married folks will savour intimacy without any reservations. Singles will also be benefited by the planetary positions. However, do not push for closeness and sensual pleasures in the early days as it may make you look desperate, cautions Ganesha. In the new fortnight, a minor setback looks to be on the cards for you. Around midweek, crafty Mercury becomes direct in motion. This will facilitate monetary gains in all probability. With Sun entering airy Libra, businessmen and professionals with overseas dealings could benefit. However, do not cut corners and compromise on ethics, alerts Ganesha. Over the weekend, Venus enters your sign. This will keep you jolly. Married folks will be high-spirited and merry.  By the month end, the wind will continue to blow favourably. There will be big deals and big opportunities in store. Moon in Leo will facilitate businessmen to strike good. However, nothing comes easy, says Ganesha. You will need to make committed efforts to achieve desired results. However, job holders could be disgruntled for one reason or another.

Important Dates : 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28

Tips: You will be keen to earn as the month begins. Don’t let this urge take you the wrong route. Managing expenses will not be bothersome, but you will do well to plan long-term and act accordingly. Anyway, in your over-confident mode, you will be liable to create a financial mess, in the 2nd week. Be careful! It’s a good time for you – don’t spoil it by being insistent on blowing your own trumpet and refusing to listen to others. Handle disputes, if any, at home with utmost tact. Amidst all the good times, do not neglect your health.   

Sagittarius (23rd November to 21st December): Mars and Saturn transiting through your Sign will push you to work hard tirelessly, maybe even for extended hours, this month. However, as Saturn is not known for yielding results promptly, you’ll have to be patient. Plus, you may be managing partnerships, both at work and at home. The month may start on a happy note, with some good times with good friends. However, you may get so immersed in your pleasures that you may end up missing out on a nice opportunity. There is a possibility of a monetary loss too – so be careful. At this time, Mercury is retrograde, and in your haste to solve all matters, you may end up being harsh or ineffective in your communication, which may jeopardise a working/ business relationship. Thankfully, later in this month, Mercury turns direct, helping you put right your past mistakes. Singles will be supported by Venus, the planet of Love. They may enjoy romantic, tender moment. However, a commitment, as of now, seems unlikely, mostly, because of your or your loved one’s inability to open up and be candid. As the days progress, job holders should not expect extra pay for extended hours put in office.  Also, maintaining harmony in marital life could be a big challenge at this juncture. Those doing business in partnership could feel discouraged by the lack of cooperation of their partner. Ganesha advises that you bear with this for now and take it in your stride. However, good news comes when Jupiter leaves Virgo to enter the airy Libra in the 11th House from your Sign. This planetary movement is long-term, and shall carry a happy vibe for your Sign. You may even recover some of your losses/ payments/ dues etc. In the 2nd fortnight, you may develop a tendency to flaunt your wealth in your social circle. This could hurt sentiments of someone close. The more affluent you get, the more polite you should become, reminds Ganesha! For married folks, disputes could spill over into the latter half of the month too. The quarrel could be about setting priorities in domestic matters. By the month end, Mercury’s direct motion should make your work smooth. You’ll win over an important customer, and may also be able to sign a lucrative deal. Diabetics and ones suffering from lifestyle diseases will need to be careful about what they eat.

Important Dates : 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28

Tips: Be careful of what you say and how you say, or you may damage your vital partnerships at work, at play or at home. Marital disharmony may leave you unsettled, but you have to keep a calm head (and face), as this is just a phase that will pass soon. Work may take a toll on your health – don’t neglect your diet. Mars’ pushes you to work hard, Saturn puts obstacles onto your path -together they created a back-breaking work scenario – stay put – you will be able to emerge triumphant. Guard against a monetary loss. Refrain from boasting.

Capricorn (22nd December to 20th January): In September, the natives of the Zodiac Sign Capricorn shall be busy with matters related to romance, love and marriage. Planetary positions at the beginning of the month seem to favour businessmen and professionals. Given the smooth routine, professionals will be able to move ahead easily, and may not encounter difficulty in meeting the scheduled deadlines. However, ones in business will need to ensure quality control and timely delivery. Mercury will be transiting in a retrograde mode, at this time, and hence precautions will be necessary. In love, you may find yourself getting attracted towards a co-worker. Ones already in a love relationship and keen to wed should need to wait till benevolent Jupiter comes out of its combust state. In the second week, your health could take a beating. You will be vulnerable to infections and disorders. Take rest, when it’s needed, or you will complicate matters. At this time, the Moon transiting through your Sign will help you organize yourself both at home and work. In money matters, mark out priorities and spend accordingly. You need to focus on saving money for the future and for contingencies. Singles will be drawn more to building their career than to romantic companionship, around mid-month. The stars don’t look too good for married couples too. Things get better as the month progresses, though. You will be in an upbeat and amicable mood on 18th and 19th, courtesy exalted Moon. Now married folks will get plenty of opportunities to cuddle up. Singles, however, may still have some wait, till they find their perfect moment. As Sun shifts to Libra, you can expect your health to get better. By the month end, quite a few apparent hurdles from the path to your success will be removed. Venus shall also now support the ones looking for romance. Married folks too will shed inhibitions in love. Ganesha advises that in this time, do keep a safe distance from idle friends who have no aim or direction in life.

Important Dates : 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28

Tips: The ruler of your Sign – Saturn – is placed with Mars in the 12th House from your Sign. Financial matters need extreme care. Be very careful. You may lose out on an, or may not be given your due – in terms of a raise. Keep enough provision for emergencies, as unexpected expenses are likely. On 10th, Jupiter enters Libra – hope to get better results from your professional inputs. Plus, with Mercury getting direct from 22nd, you can expect some financial stability. But, be careful in your relations with the opposite sex, even when they are of the purely work variety. Do not reveal all your cards at one go. Long distance travels should be carried out with due care.

Aquarius (21st January to 18th February): In the month of September, a good part of your time may be spent on maintaining the harmony in your marriage or a relationship. As the month begins, you may encounter mixed pulls and forces. In store for you is both luck and hard work, like two sides of a coin, says Ganesha. A cluster of four planets in the 8th House from your Sign is not a good start. There may not be many visible opportunities for growth or financial gains. This may also mean diluted results and disappointments. Influence of Saturn over these planets, particularly Sun, also looks damaging for health, while the presence of wily Saturn and Mars in the 11th House from your Sign appears unfavourable for stability and commitment in relationships. In the second week, things may get better. Freshers and newcomers will be glad to come across suitable work opportunities. Ones already working, shall find the overall atmosphere getting better. However, the results may still be slow in manifesting. Despite your commendable performance, you may not get the nod of approval from your boss. Do not get deterred; just keep giving your best, counsels Ganesha. Businessmen and professionals could have a flourishing time. Remain careful about your health, though. In the 2nd fortnight, your focus may shift to interior designing and decorating your home. Later, when Sun enters its Sign of debilitation, airy Libra, all may not again be well for the married folks. Your partner may resent you for not spending quality time with him/ her. Maybe a mini vacation or an outing could do the magic! Around 22nd Venus comes out of its own Sign, Libra, to enter Scorpio. This will help businessmen and professionals in negotiations and new deals. By the month end, a major spat is likely. The disagreement could be over some important issue. Take care! Both parties here may take a firm stand and refuse to relent. However, routine activities will continue. Venus in the 10th House around 29th will prompt you to get organized and systematic. This would be a good time for love.

Important Dates : 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28

Tips: Troubles on the relationship front may assail you. Stay relaxed and calm. Watch your words, lest you hurt an important relationship. Around 6th, Jupiter enters Libra, 9th House from your Sign; there may be some good news on the financial front. However, the combust Jupiter, at this time, may not help you much. So, overall the first fortnight of the month may not really be encouraging. Have patience. Things shall start looking up, post 22nd. Till then, try not to make any major decision or hold an important meeting. Take care of your health, all this while, as stress and disturbances may adversely affect your well being.

Pisces (19th February to 20th March): Handling finances and friendships shall remain a running theme, through the month. Union of Mars and Saturn assures success at the beginning, provided there is an effort in due measure. Saturn has an aversion to the ones not willing to take their task seriously. Mars having aspect over your Sign, however, may make you impatient and assertive. Well, trouble brews – no wonder. Relationships may not take kindly to your aggressiveness, remember! Do listen to your well-wishers’ advice, especially at your workplace. Yes, knowing the difference between a friend and a foe will help here. Plus, Mars in the company of Saturn may make your financial position shaky. Handle money matters wisely and not be driven by emotions. Financial troubles may get better soon, specifically when Jupiter moves into Libra. But, refrain from taking a loan, as yet. Jupiter in the 8th House from your Sign will not be a very favourable position. It indicates losses too. Since this is a long-term position, you will need to take care. Coming together of Mercury, Sun and Rahu may bring discord in your marital or committed love life. Ones in business too may be stressed about a conflict of interest with their partner. In the 2nd week, when Sun transits in the company of Rahu and also gets influenced by Saturn, you may face health troubles. Be careful. Things, happily, look set to get better in the month’s latter half. The exalted Mars will keep you joyful and amiable. Partying and socialising are also likely. Love looks set to blossom too. But, stars don’t portend well for the married folks. Issues brewing since long may not let you relax. However, once Mercury turns direct, things may get better in the home domain. Towards month-end, when Venus moves through the 9th House from your Sign, you can expect the progressive forces to work effectively in your favour. In all probability, your circumstances will get favourable, opportunities will strengthen and financial status will improve. But, health may remain bothersome. Consult a doctor, and take rest, when/ if advised.

Important Dates : 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 16, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 28

Tips: Work hard to achieve what you have set out to. Results will take time, but carry on patiently. Disturbances in day-to-day affairs may assail you – well, when much can’t be done about the external situations, it’s best to go with the flow and remain centred. Do that! Be careful, while making any financial transactions/ commitments. Do not get lured by anything – carry out proper checks, be it about a job, investment, person or a travel opportunity. Health needs care.

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