Monthly Predictions September-2015

Monthly Predictions September-2015

Monthly Predictions September-2015 for all the signs

Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : The dull office atmosphere and lack of desire to do new things may annoy you, around the beginning of the month. However, the positive influence of Jupiter shall help to overcome the negative vibes. Businesspersons must postpone crucial meetings and refrain from signing significant contracts, as this month may be less opportune for them. Instead, make good use of this period to review and revise your growth strategy. Although your financial condition shall improve, due to the benevolent aspect of Jupiter, you should remain very alert and strictly abstain from taking finance related decisions, because Mercury will turn retrograde as the month progresses. Expect growth in your career after Saturn moves into Sagittarius, around the mid-month. This is also the right time to sharpen your skills and improve your performance. After a tiring day in office, you shall wish to spend a quiet time with your better half. But, he-she may be busy socialising outside, and while at home, both of you may have a hot debate over trifle matters. Anyway, things shall change for the better in the coming days, assures Ganesha. The month-end might be less favourable for professionals, as you may be forced to increase your efficiency. With Mars aspecting your 1st House, you might express your anger against the excess and undue work pressure.
Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : Honesty is the best policy – this will be your slogan for this month. The heavy workload may force you to burn the midnight oil. Yet, you shall enjoy working and also easily attain your goals. Both seniors and co-workers will appreciate your positive approach and dedicated efforts. The planetary alignment of Mars with regards to Saturn indicates disharmony in marital life. Compromise with your life partner and give space to each other, advises Ganesha; and the situation will soon normalise in the coming days. You may spend time to review your past decisions, particularly in the financial sphere, around the middle of the month. However, avoid taking any major decisions related to investing money. Significant rise in expenses may not allow you to save anything for the rainy days, and also compel you to take a loan. Professionals shall focus on preparing plans for moving up the ladder, during the latter half of this month. Domestic issues may also be the pain in the neck. Some nagging health issues may now come to the fore, and might subside very slowly. Weak digestive system as well as an injury are strongly indicated, as per the planetary configuration around the month-end.
Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Your workplace atmosphere looks set to be congenial during the first fortnight. You shall be in a cheerful mood and now devise your growth strategy. Business tours undertaken during this period will enable you to widen your customer base and renew old contacts. A romantic month lies ahead for singles, whereas married ones may be less fortunate. You will give top priority to your family and go on a short vacation to keep your loved ones happy. This shall give you a break from the daily grind and also strengthen the family bond. But, get ready to face tough times and shoulder more work responsibilities, after mid-month. To add to your woes, Saturn may decrease the probability of your success. Accept your drawbacks, and work to hone your skills to increase the chances of attaining your targets, advises Ganesha. Businesspersons need to refrain from taking any risks and making crucial decisions in the second fortnight of the month, as the Lord of your Sign – Mercury will now be retrograde. However, this is the right time to re-examine and revise your business plans. You shall succeed in increasing your earnings to meet the rising demands of your family, and also save some money for the future. Be watchful around the month-end, especially in crowded places, as there are chances of a theft.
Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : The slow pace of growth on the career front will impel you to rapidly move ahead. But, the malefic planet Ketu may create obstacles in your path and retard your progress. In spite of working arduously, you may be unable to deliver the best quality or miss the deadlines. You might also get upset, as benevolent Jupiter seems to be less supportive, this time around. Avoid a job change, as luck may not be on your side, during this period. Freshers seeking their first job must also remain patient, as the stars are less favourable. The first fortnight may be average for businesspersons. Although you shall feel comfortable monetarily, a financial crunch is foreseen around the mid-month. You also need to remain cautious in the second phase of this month, as payments might get delayed, and you may never receive some of your dues. This is the right time and an auspicious month for purchasing your own house. However, marital relations may be non-cordial, as your spouse may not be on the same wavelength. Amicably resolve the issue to restore peace and harmony, advises Ganesha. Anyway, life will change for the better around the month-end, due to the positive influence of Mars.
Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : Career related issues will top your priority list during this month. With the stars in your favour, you can also expect significant progress in your profession. However, after malefic Saturn changes its position around the middle of the month, you may experience some hindrances. Do not feel low and take it in your stride, recommends Ganesha. Also, boldly face the challenges and just make the most of today. Businesspersons need to be on the guard and postpone crucial business deals during this period. Refrain from taking major financial decisions, as Mercury will be retrograde during the latter half of the month. Singles shall now find a suitable match, thanks to the benevolent planets. But, the conjunction of the Sun and Rahu may cause marital problems. Yet, you will manage to sail through in the coming days. Do not neglect your health, as you may be prone to blood related disorders like anaemia, especially around the month-end. Remember precaution is better than cure! So, eat, sleep and exercise well, to remain fit and fine. Sudden rise in household expenses is indicated, towards the latter half of the month. Anyway, with luck on your side, you shall also get a chance to earn some extra money.
Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : Things may move at a snail’s pace on the career front, but freshers seeking a job shall be delighted as they will get desired job. Businesspersons shall travel overseas to close a significant deal, during the former half of the month. Also, remain alert as you may most probably meet with an accident. Although married life will be pleasant and peaceful, utilise this opportune period to fortify the marital bond. Tactfully handle delicate situations on the domestic front, and focus on devising your business strategies, around the middle of the month. Remarkable academic performance of kids shall raise your spirits, this time around. Mercury will be retrograde and posited in Libra during the second fortnight. Those already doing a job may now get confused, and should therefore refrain from taking critical decisions. You will spend extravagantly, as you shall be very comfortable financially, during this month. However, do not park your funds in any investment schemes. A close friend or relative may also ask for a loan, but ensure that you lend an affordable amount, advises Ganesha. Take good care of your health as orthopaedic, heart and blood pressure related issues may be the cause of concern, during this period.
Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : You will now try your best to move ahead in your career, and also expect accolades. But, with Mars and Venus posited in the 11th House from your Sign, some distractions may hold you back. You may wish to rebel against your seniors due to the burdensome tasks and constant pressure to meet the tight deadlines. Anyway, do not turn a deaf ear to criticism, warns Ganesha. Instead, remain composed and jump the fence, once you get a better job. A dull and slack period is foreseen for businesspersons. Although regular inflow of money shall come your way, you will be discontented with your financial status. Moreover, rising expenses may land you in hot waters. Anyway, avoid earning the quick buck, and do not get lured by speculation related activities. Singles seeking a soul-mate shall rejoice for their wish will be fulfilled. Someone special shall now come in your life and make your dream comes true. Married couples may not be able to enjoy their relationship to the hilt this month, as the difference of opinion might strain their bond. Let the turbulent tide settle down, and the discuss things amicably, suggests Ganesha. And, things shall start to fall in place, as the time passes. You shall remain in the pink of health for a better part of the month, as the benevolent Jupiter is on your side. You may also manage to strike a lucrative business deal, around the month-end.
Scorpio ( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : The cosmos indicates some significant events during this month. Eager to impress people you will try your best to enhance your personality, and also make all efforts to attain your objectives. Delighted by your performance, superiors may assign additional responsibilities to confirm your ability. Work relentlessly to succeed, advises Ganesha. Jealous by your growth, colleagues may try to find faults. Businesspersons dealing with foreign companies shall strike a lucrative and prestigious project. However, carefully read the documents before signing any deal. You may get puzzled while deciding the path to progress, around the mid-month. Just change your attitude to move in the right direction. Although the inflow of money shall increase during this month, you will be inclined to increase your income. But, avoid earning money the easy way. Some personal issues may bother you, and eventually you will realise that remaining composed shall help to resolve the problem. Singles will be pleased as they shall now find an ideal match. The starry alignment may not allow you to remain healthy during this month. Thus, eat healthy food, take enough sleep and exercise regularly to stay fit. Also, take the prescribed medicines and follow the necessary precautions recommended by your doctor.
Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Domestic matters will top your priority list during this month. You shall now spend a lot of time with your dear ones. Entertainment and leisure activities, weekend picnics and visiting a holiday resort with family is foreseen. The conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun in the 10th House, during the first fortnight sounds well for professionals. You shall now have a strong urge to taste success and swiftly achieve your targets. Make hay while the Sun shines advises Ganesha, because Saturn will soon enter Sagittarius and hamper your progress. Focus on sharpening your skills to comfortably handle some challenging tasks. This is also a propitious month for businesspersons dealing with government organisations. Make good use of this beneficial period by reviewing your past decisions and plugging the loopholes. You may also wish to make more money to lead a luxurious life and buy expensive things to please your loved ones. But, move ahead on the right path, as the short-cuts may land you in deep waters. The Lord of the 7th House of Partner – retrograde Mercury may cause disharmony in marital life during the last week. Just prudently handle the situation and the month will end on a happy note.
Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : Expect remarkable changes in your fundamental traits during this month. Instead of being a workaholic, you shall now spare considerable amount of time for your near and dear ones to fulfil your responsibilities and please your family. The planetary combination of Rahu and Mercury in your 10th House might cause mood swings and irritate you. Relations with your boss may be non-cordial as they might not approve your working style. Check your temper and do not go against the tide, cautions Ganesha. This might also tarnish your image in workplace. Anyway, you shall be on cloud nine, as marital life will be blissful, this time around. You would also feel comfortable financially during the first half of this month, but businesspersons may not achieve the desired growth. Just remain alert, and utilise this dull period to re-analyse and amend your business strategies accordingly. A nagging illness may bother you around the middle of this month, otherwise you shall enjoy good general health. Your budget may go for a toss in the second fortnight, as the retrograde movement of Mercury will lead to rise in both domestic and personal expenses. Sales revenue may also decline around the end of the month.
Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : You may get irritated and unnecessarily debate over trifle matters with peers, around the beginning of this month. The heavy workload and tight deadlines may also bog you down. This might impel you to change your job, and the stars shall help to find a better workplace. You may feel uncomfortable financially during this period. However, abstain from taking the shorter routes to earn some quick cash, warns Ganesha. A religious occasion at home may also increase your expenses. Married life shall be hunky-dory in the first fortnight. Businesspersons need to remain alert, else they might miss a good earning opportunity. You should re-examine your past decisions and prepare sure-fire plans for the future, around the mid-month. But, avoid taking decisions regarding crucial matters. The second fortnight looks to be less opportune for professionals. Relations with co-workers may turn sour, and you might have to work arduously to prove your mettle. Marital relationship may now get strained owing to some minor issues. Devote more time for your sweetheart and frankly discuss the problems to bridge the communication gap and restore normalcy. Some extra money will come your way in the last week. The planetary positions may adversely affect your resistance power. Seasonal illness and weak digestion may be the cause of concern, around the month-end.
Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Some obstacles may slow down your pace of progress on the work front. However, your agile mind will provide precise solutions to easily overcome these hindrances. You shall now be able to complete pending tasks and chalk out plans for the future. Businesspersons may face hard times while persuading their partners regarding some issues. You will be in the seventh heaven, as your kids shall excel in studies as well as extra-curricular activities. As a reward, you will take them to some entertainment places and arrange a weekend picnic. But, disagreements over petty issues may create marital rifts. Maintain the patience of a saint to sail through the rough waters, advises Ganesha. You shall be comfortable financially in the first fortnight. The hard task master, Saturn will enter Sagittarius in the second half of this month, and compel you to become disciplined, which shall turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Middle-aged persons should remain watchful as a nagging ailment may come to fore, this time around. Declining health of a senior family member might also bother you. Life may be like a roller coaster ride in money matters, as sudden expenses may land you in a tight spot. Your dues might also get delayed, and you may have to write-off some outstanding payments, around the month-end.
Source : Ganesha Speaks

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