Monthly Predictions November 2014

Monthly Predictions November 2014



Though things shall largely be flowing smoothly for you this month, your total concentration needs to be on meeting your work or resources deadlines. The stars may not seem to be entirely in your favour. Yes, you are likely to face hurdles, but if you set your mind to achieving something, and proceed towards your goals with full determination, you shall mostly achieve your short-term goals. However, worse come worse, if you can’t speed up things as per your expectations, don’t get bogged down or start feeling depressed. Keep persisting in your efforts, and you will be rewarded sooner or later. Your optimistic approach to life and your work will be greatly admired by people around you, and you shall grow in social stature and esteem, foresees Ganesha. You shall also be generous and helpful, even if you have to go out of your way to get someone out of trouble. Financially, you shall be comfortable, but on the personal front, things may be a bit delicate, so handle all your relationships with due care.



Your professional life shall be quite smooth this month, especially if you are already in a well-settled job. If you have been looking for a better job opportunity, then too you can expect your desire to get fulfilled, foretells Ganesha. Make sure that the new work environment, culture and perks are up to your expectations. At work, anyhow, you will share a cordial relationship with your colleagues, making full use of your communication skills. Businessmen may face mixed fortunes, though. Sole-proprietorship businesses may face an uphill task, while partnership businesses will continue to perform well. However, on the financial front, things may get somewhat tricky this month. Ganesha advises you to review your funds situation, as your expenses may seem to be rising alarmingly. Take care of this; you may have to shuffle around your funds quite a bit. Pay close attention to your savings. Also, frank discussions with your spouse about your financial condition may throw up some good ideas.



With your professional stature growing, your superiors may consider putting more responsibility on your shoulders this month, predicts Ganesha. So, brace up for a hectic month ahead, specifically on the work front. The pressure will keep mounting, and more and more will be expected from you, leaving you no choice but to invest extra hours on the job. You may even try to do some slick multi-tasking. However, as the month rolls on, you will get used to working long hours, and your concentration will improve. In fact, what you may have thought as impossible may then begin looking possible. If you are a businessman, you need to be very careful of customer satisfaction. You may have to improve the quality of your products or services. Raising funds or getting into a partnership deal will not pose any problem as the stars are in your favour. Some unforeseen expenses are foreseen so set aside some reserves for it. There may be some health issues, so be careful of your diet and fitness.



This is likely to prove to be a very favourable month for you on the professional front, as you shall be able to manage all your work without much difficulty. You will be determined and flexible, so even if the workload is unexpected, you shall be able to accomplish it. However, Ganesha advises you to get your priorities right, and make sure the direction in which you are headed is actually the direction you do want to your life to move in. If you let life just drift, you may realise that you are on the wrong path at a later stage, but then it may be too late. So while you work hard in your present job, keep your ultimate goals in sight. Also, be practical and don’t get trapped in the mesh of emotions. Try to spare some quality time for your near and dear ones, and pay special attention to the needs of your children.



Ganesha foresees a very auspicious month for you. You shall be over-flowing with energy, enthusiasm, self-confidence and also innovative ideas. However, don’t get over-excited, stay cool and calm. If you go about your work methodically instead of acting impulsively, you shall be able to accomplish much this month. Looking to your efficiency, your superiors may overload you with work, but you shall get enough support from colleagues and finish everything through team- work. You may find it tough, though, to manage your domestic responsibilities along with your professional duties. Squeeze out some quality time for your children and motivate them to study hard. Even with your spouse, you will have very little time to spare, but he/she will understand your constraints and be contented with whatever little time you can spare. Financially, you will be well off. If you are unmarried, Ganesha foresees a possibility of getting romantically involved with someone.



Since you have set the bar too high for your own performance, you will have to work very hard this month, especially if you are unwilling to compromise on the quality of your output. Ganesha says it may not be a smooth ride, and some of your plans are likely to get derailed, so you are advised to keep Plan-B ready. There will not be much scope, or time, for you to achieve your full creative potential. You shall, however, be more than willing to help out your co-workers tackle their problems. Businessmen will have a smooth ride, though you may get bored with the monotony of your work and look at options to do things differently. On the domestic front, you may expect positive things to happen. Your relationships with your near and dear ones will be strengthened, as you will spend quality time with them and recall the good old times. You may go in for renovating the interiors of your home.



There are bound to be some very challenging situations for you this month, foretells Ganesha. You will succeed in tackling them only if you keep your temper cool, and think of the solutions fearlessly. Your relationships with your peers and superiors may be delicate, thus, you need to handle those situations prudently with a calm mind. Businessmen will have to be careful not to allow petty matters or ego hassles come in the way of relationships with partners. This month is auspicious for making financial gains, so maybe some old debts will be repaid with full interest. Your personal life will be smooth. You are likely to spend quality time with your loved ones, friends, and in socialising. Your communication skills shall peak this month, and your interactions with people from different walks of life will only broaden your own perspective of the world and increase your knowledge. Take extra care of your health, especially if you are suffering from blood pressure or diabetes.



This month your slow progress on the career front may cause you a great deal of anxiety. Ganesha assures you that it is nothing serious, just that things may not be moving at the pace that you would have desired, or you may feel you are not being rewarded for your work. You are advised to continue to work sincerely despite it, and have faith that things will soon take a positive turn and your rewards too will come sooner or later. Also, at certain times you may feel that circumstances are slipping out of your control, but you would do well to flow with the tide and go by your intuition instead of rigidly sticking to your logic. Stay balanced and optimistic no matter how depressing the situation may seem to you. On the financial front, you need to review your investments, and start saving more so that if some emergency arises, you will have enough funds to handle it.



The fact that you have been giving off your best at your workplace and yet have gained next to no praise or rewards could make you feel low this month. You may even begin feeling confused about the direction that your life is taking. Ganesha advises you to keep up the good work, and lower your expectations, as once this transient phase is over, positive events will start unfolding. If you are in a top post in your company, be a strict taskmaster, keep team members on their toes, if you are in a junior position and do not meet your targets, it could seriously undermine your reputation, so be careful. Though it may be unusual for you during this month you could experience mood-swings, and there is a possibility that you may end up taking impulsive decisions. Your financial condition is likely to improve, but you will have to control your tendency to spend recklessly.



Your progress on the work front may be slower than your expectations, but Ganesha advises you not to lose heart and be patient, as your efforts are likely to fetch rich rewards in the near future. As the days roll by, some interesting projects will pick up speed, which will raise your spirits. In the latter part of the month, work pressure will decrease and you will find yourself on the same wavelength with your superiors, which will add to your positivity and you will banish any thoughts you may have been entertaining about changing your job. On the financial front, money may flow in from some unexpected source, but it is unlikely to satisfy you as you may be nurturing grand plans for the future. This will prompt you to review your investments and fixed assets and try to figure out how you can make more money out of them. However, consider your options wisely before taking any decisions. Singles may get into a romantic relationship.



With your profession progressing as per your expectations and most of your projects being at a stage where they just need finishing touches, Ganesha says the time is ripe for you to make plans for the near future. You are bound to come up with novel ideas which will be much appreciated by your bosses, although they may not have the time to approve them immediately. The stars appear to be in favour of those involved in creative jobs, freelancers and even for those of you who are seriously considering a job change. Businessmen, though, may feel a bit disappointed by the tedious pace of things, so Ganesha advises you to chalk out your strategies for the future. On the romantic front, there is excitement on the cards. The possibility of meeting a member of the opposite sex and taking it to the next level is quite strong. Married couples will have a smooth ride as you will share a great understanding.



This is a favourable month for you as far as your professional life is concerned, foretells Ganesha. Many of you will be happy and contented with your current jobs, but for those of you who are not, you are likely to get some good opportunities. However, you will have to remain alert and identify the opportunities as such, or else you may not even notice them and they will slip through your fingers without you knowing. There are likely to be major changes – all positive – on the career front, so you may look forward to some exciting times ahead. This month, Ganesha also predicts that you will reap the rewards of your recent hard work, so you shall be financially well off, but use the extra money that comes your way by investing it judiciously to secure your and your family’s future. This is an auspicious month even for businessmen, as they will see their turnover and profits increasing.


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