Monthly Predictions June-2015 

Monthly Predictions June-2015 

Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : The month brings with it its share of highs and lows. Optimism, supportive friends and the influence of good company shall help you sail through the challenging times, predicts Ganesha. You may be in a dilemma, and this confused state of mind may affect your efficiency. Guidance from a good friend, though, will help you take up the right path. Businessmen may need to halt their plans for expansion. On the personal front, emotions shall run high. Nagging and fault finding by someone may cause you irritation. Exchange of harsh words is likely, if you fail to control your temper. Ganesha advises you to ignore the negative vibes. At home, differences with a partner, thankfully, are likely to taper. Arguments over petty issues must be avoided, though. For singles, the month shall be a good time for expressing their feelings. Happy finances will further give you a reason to cheer. Be careful, though, as an aspect of Saturn, over the 2nd House from your Sign may lead to some unplanned family expenses. Health, overall, looks set to remain fine. Towards the month end, career professionals will need to exercise care, or they may miss out on an interesting opportunity. Take special care, if you happen to travel.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : It’s time to pop the golden bubbly and celebrate, as your career seems to be shaping up just the way you may have wanted. With two major benefics, influencing the 10th House of Career for your Sign, you can be sure of even better times ahead. No wonder you feel ecstatic! Business-people shall have the stars in their favour too, promises Ganesha. Ones in sectors related to fashion, beauty and luxury goods may strike gold. However, at all times, avoid being too rude or distrustful. Mercury turns direct from the second week of June, ensuring you rise in your cash reserves. Be careful in monetary matters, though. Ganesha also predicts a minor glitch in the functioning of your business/ set up, due to a major change in the planetary configuration, during mid-June. On the domestic front, happily, socialising and partying may keep you busy like a bee! The phase may turn out to be blissful for singles looking for suitable companions. If married, try to remain open and communicative; stay mature, and be willing to hear your partner out. You may visit an old time friend, in the third week. Travel for work, business or leisure is also on the cards. Take care of your health.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Have confidence in your abilities and keep faith in yourself to take on the professional challenges that the month may have in store for you. Few temporary obstacles may leave you frustrated, but the positive influence of Jupiter shall bail you out. At work, there may be looming deadlines or frayed schedules and nerves, causing you confusions. Ganesha advises you to keep your temper under control, though. Businessmen are likely to enjoy a relatively good phase, especially if they already have a plan of action ready. Also, for many of you, this may be a time to travel, revive old contacts, establish new ones and expand your vistas. Influences of Jupiter and Venus promise further good times, around mid-June. A family reunion, of sorts, is likely, and so is a vacation. Be cautious, though, as there is a possibility of you going overboard while spending, under these happy spells. Also, despite spending heavily on your family’s whims, you may seemingly fail to keep everyone happy, which may put you in a bad mood. Relax, as you can’t please everyone, says Ganesha. Marital sphere may require some tactful handling, mid-month, when you may be resolving certain pending issues. On the health front, either you or someone in the family may need to be monitored closely for symptoms of a problem.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : Overall, a satisfactory and good month awaits you, especially for professionals, businesspersons, freelancers and freshers. However, you should make best efforts to attain desired objectives, says Ganesha. The combust Mars may agitate you, diverting your attention from the road to progress. You may feel anxious; some of you may even think of changing your job, as higher-ups might continuously coerce you to improve your performance. The debilitated Moon in conjunction with the retrograde Saturn, though, shall help you calm down. Continue to work dedicatedly, as superiors are likely to reward your strenuous efforts, around the month-end. Financially, there may be some challenging phases, as the Sun and combust Mars are positioned in the 12th House (of Expenses) from your Sign. Extravagant spending and a steep rise in domestic expenses too may land you in a tight spot. Hence, Ganesha advises to expend prudently, as per a designated monthly budget. And, quite happily, things shall get better on this front by the month-end. Saturn will re-enter Scorpio in retrograde mode, around mid-June. This planetary move shall be helpful for the married natives. Singles will also get to spend some romantic moments with their love partner. Health, on the whole, shall not be a bother, unless you suffer from a chronic ailment. Take care, if your chronic illness becomes a tad too nagging.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : You may end up being on your toes, for a better part of the month, and thus may be left feeling quite weary. Nonetheless, your enthusiastic approach will help you carry on. Employed ones may remain very busy. Hone your skills, as this will help you handle new assignments with ease. Soon, you shall be pleasantly surprised by the accolades showered by your superior, assures Ganesha. Businesspersons, particularly the ones dealing overseas, might strike profitable deals. Expending some money for advertising will be gainful. Do focus on prestigious clients to build and nurture long-term relations. Freshers applying for jobs are likely to receive positive replies, around mid-June. Overall, things may remain frenzied. Partying and socialising shall bring you the much needed relief. Ones in a steady relationship, may plan to get married. If married, though, your better half may feel disappointed, as you may not be able to spare enough time for him/her. Disagreements and debates with spouse might derail your domestic life. Ganesha advises to meditate and pursue leisure activities to cool down and recharge your batteries. Towards the latter half of the month, your budget may go haywire, as you might expend lavishly and refurbish your residence/workplace. By end of the month, though, things shall be largely sorted in the financial front. Health remains good too.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : You may experience mixed feelings during this month. Keep your temper in check! Ganesha advises you to think twice before speaking, as your bitter speech might have a detrimental effect on personal and professional relations. Extra work and tight time-limits may keep you very busy. And, you might get upset as your co-workers may be tend to be unaccommodating. Yet, continue to work sincerely, asserts Ganesha. This is the right time for business persons to execute their plans to widen their client base. Freelancers shall be delighted on bagging high-worth projects. Freshers might, however, remain confused on receiving multiple job offers. Weigh pros and cons, before taking a final decision. In the financial realm, your expenses may exceed your earnings, as Venus is now positioned in the 12th House from your Sign. Sharp rise in domestic expenditure, extravagant expenses, and donations are also indicated. Try to manage! Home atmosphere shall be congenial. However, you may sometimes behave selfishly, and disappoint your close ones. Singles might get upset, due to a negative reply from their love partner. Those in a steady relationship, though, may decide to establish a life-long bond. Cough, cold, and minor digestive issues are foreseen.

Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Major changes in personal and professional life are indicated. Your dedicated efforts shall lead to favourable results. The influence of Mars over your Sign, along with the malefic Rahu positioned therein, may make you aggressive, though. Hence, you should communicate carefully, particularly with your seniors and dear ones. Speak courteously, as your bitter speech may cause rifts, or you may be considered a revolutionist. Career-wise, it shall be a good time for freelancers. Employed ones may remain busy, due to some critical tasks. Anyway, your higher-ups shall soon inspire and reward you for your hard work, so stay motivated. Business persons shall manage to strike lucrative deals. Ganesha also feels that this is the right time to enhance your image. Freshers may be forced to accept unsuitable jobs, and they may do so, in order to gain work experience. Rise in domestic expenses may make you uncomfortable financially. You should, thus, set aside some amount for exigencies. And, don’t worry, for your favourable planets shall provide you with several opportunities to increase your earnings. At home, though, discord may keep you stressed. Keep a calm approach. Overall, health shall be satisfactory, but ensure taking time out for meditation and exercise.

Scorpio ( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : Expect professional and financial growth, during this month. You might get bored by the daily grind, and this may motivate you to amend your working methods, replacing them with novel strategies. Retrograde Saturn will enter your Sign, during mid-June, helping you see and analyse your shortcomings. And, in due course, you shall work on these. Your fresh outlook will lead to positive results, assures Ganesha. At work, seniors shall appreciate your excellent performance. Yet, you shall prefer to remain modest, instead of blowing your own trumpet. And, that will be a good thing, as this will also put to rest your peers’ envy. Business-persons, this month, shall be a happy lot. Freshers trying to secure jobs, though, may have to contend with low-paying options. On the financial front, you will have to be ready for some domestic expenses. You may fall short of funds, around month-end. Anyway, you shall feel relieved on receiving some returns on your past investments. Saturn and Sun are in a Trine aspect. In a certain domain of your life, though, things may not be proceeding as desired, and this may put you in a philosophical mood. Overall, marital life shall be harmonious, and your health shall not give you a cause to worry.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Combust Mars’ conjunction with Sun, positioned in an opposition aspect to your Sign may make you more aggressive than usual now. Interference from anyone, particularly in-laws, far off relations or any third party shall irritate you no end, leading to hot debates, maybe even with your beloved. Hence, Ganesha advises you to tactfully handle the situation. Arranging a get-together with family and friends shall help restore the normalcy. Professionally, this shall be a good time for exploring new avenues/ territories, widening customer base, establishing new contacts, and reviving old ones. However, the monetary gains may take their time to come your way. Professionals shall continue to work ardently and think positively, though. Jupiter’s positive vibes shall support you amply now, so make the most of this opportune period. Upgrade your skills and adapt to the latest technology to remain competitive. The retrograde Saturn will again enter Scorpio, getting positioned in the 12th House from your Sign. This may lead to a sharp rise in your personal and incidental expenses. Meditate to calm your nerves and remain optimistic. You may also encash some of your less profitable investments and re-invest the funds in some lucrative schemes.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : Sometimes change is the only way forward in life. And, this month, you would do well to accept that. On your own, you will tend to concentrate on the grey areas, thinking negatively and getting angry. Do not do that, says Ganesha! Relax, and go with the flow, as it will considerably reduce the pressure. Professionals may face a tough time, owing to the presence of retrograde Mercury and Sun, along with combust Mars. You may be assigned a difficult task, while your superiors shall remain unresponsive. Stay calm and focused, and soon your efforts shall lead to positive outcomes. Businesspersons may have to negotiate aplenty to strike lucrative deals. Freelancers may manage to revive old contacts. On the domestic front too, you shall have to strive hard to maintain harmony, as the Sun and combust and debilitated Mars will be positioned in the 7th House from your Sign. Relations with spouse may become sour. Therefore, Ganesha advises you to calmly resolve things. Singles may be unable to convey their feelings to a love partner. Steep rise in regular expenses may cause further anxiety. Steer clear of legal tussles. Possibility of a sudden injury or respiratory issues cannot be ruled out. Take care!

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : You may remain highly occupied during this month, setting higher goals and seeking newer ways to bagging bigger offers, deals-whatever that works. This feeling will further intensify, as the full Moon gets closer. However, the positive influence of Jupiter shall help you gain clarity and tranquility. Domestic and financial issues top your priority list. You might invest a large amount of money in a new project. However, you may not get the desired outcome immediately, as the Ruler of your Sign Saturn is retrograde, and the Ruler of the 10th House from your Sign (associated with Occupation), Mars is currently combust. Work atmosphere, though, shall be congenial. Continue to work with conviction and dedication. Businesspersons may have to put in extra efforts too. Short-term trips may not be gainful. Ganesha also advises you to avoid giving money or goods on credit. Freelancers and freshers might not get results, as per their expectations. Marital life too may not be hunky-dory. It would, thus, be better to compromise and adjust. Singles seeking a love partner may face difficulty, while conveying their feelings. Tight deadlines and monetary issues may adversely affect your health. Those prone to hypertension should remain cautious.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Balancing personal and professional life shall be easier for you this month. And, your positive attitude will lead to rapid growth. Businesspersons shall be delighted on recovering some old and bad debts. This is also a good time to promote your brand and increase your reputation. However, Ganesha advises to avoid giving goods on credit or lending money. Your optimistic outlook and remarkable performance will be appreciated by your seniors and subordinates. You can also expect to move ahead onto the path of financial progress. Freelancers shall bag highly profitable assignments. Freshers too will get suitable jobs. You shall also wish to spend more time with your better-half, as the Moon will be positioned in the 7th House from your Sign. Both of you will reminisce about the good old days, and this will revive the spark of passion in your marital life. However, relations with other family members may remain strained. Home renovation and outings with family, though, may help you restore cordial relations. Subsequently, your monthly budget may go haywire. Attending a religious ceremony or an auspicious occasion around mid-month is foreseen. Take care of your health, though. Good time for love and relationships, says Ganesha.

Monthly Predictions June-2015 by Ganesha Speaks

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