Monthly Predictions February 2015

Monthly Predictions February 2015

21st Mar- 20th Apr
In the initial stages of the month you shall feel energetic and enthusiastic, and it will show in your work. You will not shirk responsibilities or challenges. However, the planetary movements suggest that you will progress at a snail’s pace. The positive side of this is that you shall have enough time to plan your future actions meticulously. This applies more particularly to businessmen. Professionals will function at optimum levels. You will give a tough time to your rivals, and will work to improve your rapport with your boss, but your rapport with your immediate superiors may leave much to be desired. If you are fresh out of college, the chances of your bagging a good job are high. Businessmen in the automobile industry and professionals in the service industry are likely o prosper relatively faster than others. Freelancers will bag lucrative assignments. At home, don’t let petty disputes spoil the harmony, just ignore them, as things, on their own, will get much better by the month-end.

21st Apr-21st May
On the career front, things will flow smoothly in the initial stages of the month. Your bosses will be happy with your work, and will also give you the due appreciation, which will in turn motivate you to perform even better. You shall be on the same wavelength with your colleagues. Things may get a bit slow and tiring later in the month, but Ganesha assures you that there is nothing to worry about. Around the middle of the month, businessmen may get a good and lucrative opportunity. However, around this time you are likely to be gripped by inertia, which may cause some depression. To keep it at bay, you will have to motivate yourself to comply with your responsibilities sincerely. Also, make sure that you do something relaxing or productive, such as exercise or meditation, to keep yourself healthy and fit. On the financial front, you shall be comfortable, but make sure you have enough reserves for taking care of emergencies.

22nd May-21st Jun
This month you will work towards your goals energtically, and seeing your dedicaion, your superiors will give a positive feedback to your boss, who, too, will appreciate your work and give you the due rewards. Around the middle of the month, some upheavals on the domestic front will demand your attention. For some of you, things may worsen to such an extent that you may feel like breaking off, but Ganesha advises you not to take any decision impulsively. The tricky phase will pass, and then you can start reviewing things to take a mature decision. In the latter part of the month, the stars will turn to your favour, and will help you stay out of trouble, but your personal problems may take a little longer to get resolved. However, during this phase you can at least initiate appropriate steps to restore harmony in your personal life. On the financial front there may be some unexpected expenses, but nothing that you can’t control.

22nd Jun-22nd Jul
This month may be a bit tough on your financial situation. Your expenses are likely to increase, but Ganesha assures you that there is nothing much to worry about as you shall have sufficient saving reserves to take care of them. Besides, your earlier investments may yield good returns now. On the work front, things will be flowing smoothly, and you shall enjoy your work with colleagues pitching in to support you whenever needed. Around the middle of the month, though, you are likely to experience some negative moments on the domestic front, but you will have no alternative but to stay cool and patient. It shall only be a passing phase, and it would be prudent to not aggravate the situation by getting provoked. In the latter part of the month, you may feel so stressed out that you may want to take a break from everything, and recharge your batteries. Go ahead, as it will put you in a positive frame of mind, coaxes Ganesha.

23rd Jul-22nd Aug
The earlier part of the month may not be too good for taking action, as the planetary configurations do not favour new initiaves much, so Ganesha advises you to focus on planning and reviewing things. This will help you in taking corrective actions, if needed, in the latter part of the month. You may face a funds crunch, but it can be easily controlled by cutting out your wasteful personal expenses. On the work front, you shall be brimming with enthusiasm, as your present tasks will largely be to your liking. However, some of you, who may be seeking a job change, would be advised to refrain from doing so, as the phase may not be too conducive for it. In the second half of the month, the time will be right to implement all your well laid out plans. Some disputes on the personal front may upset you a bit, but handle them with maturity and everything will be fine.

23rd Aug-22nd Sep
You shall be in a very generous mood during the initial stages of the month, and you will not hesitate in donating funds to charitable organisations. You will, however, have to check this tendency, or else your savings may take a severe dent. It is all the more important to increase your reserves of savings because Ganesha foresees some unexpected expenses later in the month. If you are a businessman and have made your strategies meticulously, you are in for a favourable month. On the professional and personal fronts, things may be a bit dull, and you may long for something exciting to happen. If you are single, but committed to a relationship, you will have a pleasant and enjoyable time with your beloved in the earlier part of the month. In the second half of the month, you will gain a lot of mental clarity, and will be able to take judicious decisions, which will benefit you in the long run..

23rd Sep-22nd Oct
Your hard work will fetch you the deserved results this month on the professional front, and will also improve your growth prospects. However, Ganesha warns you that if your efforts fall short of expectations, then you may not get the due benefits and may end up feeling deprived. You need to do some introspection and identify the areas where you may have gone wrong, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Certain setbacks, even though they may be minor, could make you temperamental later in the month. Even little things such as a colleague not listening to you attentively, or some petty politics can throw you off balance to such an extent that you may start hunting out for another job. This is just a passing phase, so you would do well to see it through with patience. Towards the end of the month, things will start turning in your favour, and your family life will become happy.

23rd Oct-22nd Nov
As the days roll by this month, things will slowly pick up momentum, you will gain clarity and shall become very decisive. Around the middle of the month, the time will be good to take action and execute plans you had made for your personal and professional growth. But don’t expect rewards immediately. It may also entail huge expenses, but don’t push yourself too much financially. Arranging funds for fulfilling your ambitions will be a problem and unexpected expenses will make matters worse. Those of you who are drawing a fixed salary are likely to suffer the most. During the later stages of the month, though, things will start turning in your favour. You shall acquire a new perspective, and will then put in more efforts at work to achieve your goals. If you wish to change your job, you may start applying for the same now as you are likely to get a positive response.

23rd Nov-21st Dec
This month, Ganesha foresees that you shall have no major difficulty in performing your routine work, but when it comes to tackling something even slightly challenging, you may not be able to cope up with it. This phase of confusion will end in the second half of the month, and you will be ready to take challenges headon. Businessmen will also face some confusion regarding ongoing projects. You may want to do something in some particular way, but the ground realities may not permit it, which could lead to a lot of frustration. Ganesha says you must play safe now and instead of taking risks just stick to deliberation and planning. Traders should keep an eye on inventory and get rid of the unnecessary stock to make room for new purchases that are in demand. As for your personal life, there may be major changes taking place, but you may not notice them as your focus will be on your work and not on personal issues.

22nd Dec-20th Jan
Personal issues are likely to take the centre-stage now. You may have some serious differences with your spouse, or maybe with the other members of your family, which are likely to keep you disturbed in the initial stages of this month. But, Ganesha feels that this stress may ease in the first week itself, as the planetary shifts will have a soothing effect on you. You will also realise that there is no point in getting worked up over issues that have no immediate solution, and then you will start focusing on more important matters. Your rapport with your bosses or subordinates, at this time, may not be very good; you may have disputes or differences. But, don’t get into any direct confrontation or ego clashes with your seniors as it could ruin your hard-earned reputation. If you stay cool-headed, though, there will be no problems. In fact, speak and clarify your confusions with a special co-worker at work, and you shall see things getting better mightily. So avoid all unnecessary expenses.

21st Jan-18th Feb
: Ganesha feels that this month you may be too possessive, as you may be going through an emotionally disturbing time. In a bid to overcome it, you may have to give your partner and loved ones some space. There is a danger that events may cause some damage to your ties. On the financial front, you are likely to face serious constraints, leaving you groping for ways to make both ends meet. Borrowing some money to meet immediate demands may help you, but don’t spend on leisure or unnecessary activities, as this could add to your financial burden. Students or scholars may also have a tough time focusing on studies. The positive thing this month is that the stagnancy of the previous two weeks will now come to an end and you will be able to take decisive action. The planetary movements will energise you more organised manner and with a positive approach.

19th Feb-20th Mar
You may feel a bit unlucky in the initial stages of the month, feels Ganesha, and you may feel emotionally hurt by minor things which you would normally ignore. Moreover, you may continue to face hostile situations at work and home for some time. As a result your relationship with your better half may also be strained initially. And, since both of you will be on an ego trip, as of now, a compromise is also quite unlikely. But, don’t lose heart, as things will begin to improve after the second week of the month. You will then be able to think more clearly, and take a decisive action to bring an end to your woes. On the health front, do not neglect minor ailments, and take prompt treatment. In the latter part of the month, the stars will take a positive turn, and you will be able to see the right direction and take steps towards achieving your objectives.Travel is on the cards, and will prove to be fruitful.


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