Monthly Predictions August 2015

Monthly Predictions August 2015

Monthly Predictions August 2015

Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : Heavy workload may not allow you much of a breather, all through the month. On your own, you would wish to concentrate on your ambitions. However, you may get distracted by your surroundings. This, eventually, may affect your performance, and you may find it tough to manage everything. Stay polite and alert. Household and incidental expenses rise. Given your busy schedule, taking care of everyone and everything may seem like a task! Freshers looking for employment may remain in a dilemma, over too many options. Things may remain a little tense on the home front With the Ruler of your Sign Mars debilitated and malefic Ketu posited in your Sign, you may feel upset or irritable. Venus, the ruler of the 7th Sign from yours, shall be moving in a retrograde motion, where the North Node is already placed. This may add to troubles in your marital heaven, or even in a business partnership. If you are in a committed relationship, you may feel the need to rethink the scenario, before you take a step further. Refrain from arguments, as a misunderstanding is likely to sour your relationship, foresees Ganesha. Thankfully, your social stars are quite relaxed, and so are your health ones. Nonetheless, be watchful of your eating habits. Also, do not opt for sudden, disruptive change!

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : You shall pledge to remain on the top of your game, by being your organised best, as the month begins. However, despite your best efforts, you may see many of your endeavours hitting unexpected hurdles. Well, try not to get too agitated. Handle personal matters with utmost care and tact. Be open, friendly and diplomatic. With the Stellium of four planets in the 4th House from your Sign, you may plan a major change on the home front, but here too you may encounter delays. Try postponing certain decisions, for the time being, suggests Ganesha. Also, work to iron out the differences in relationships—for a better and conducive home environment. Work, as usual, shall be demanding, what with deadlines looming and superiors making the going tough for you. Do not let the stress affect your health, in any way. Rather, find time to rest and relax, whenever you can. For business-men, this may be a good phase for stocking up for future purposes. Otherwise too, keep working hard to get the desired results. Freshers and freelancers may have a hard time finding lucrative opportunities. Happily, in a phase where work and home may be bogging you down, financial affairs shall give you a chance to rejoice. Your planets are aligned in such a way that they will help you strengthen your financial condition during the entire month.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : This looks set to be a favourable month, on many accounts. Jupiter-Mercury conjunction shall boost your efficiency, helping you win over everyone at professional and personal fronts. Besides, the Moon posited in your Sign, as the month begins, shall help you strive ahead intelligently. Given the support from your loved ones at home, you may plan to initiate a home renovation/ makeover plan. If you are a parent, Ganesha advises you to take it easy with your kids, who may be a little more demanding now. Monetarily, things remain fine. A few unexpected monetary gains may leave you surprised. Health-wise too, things look set to be quite satisfactory. In relationships, do not give evasive answers, or over commit. Professional matters look set to remain largely sorted. You will manage to maintain cordial relations with your boss, and their guidance shall help you perform better. However, do not get complacent or look for short-cuts. If in a business, you can expect a lot of buzz, most of it positive, affirms Ganesha. Short term trips are foreseen. Your connections will help you. For freelancers, this will be a good time too, but freshers may have to contend with not-so-attractive offers.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : A buzzing month, bustling with activities, awaits you. Socialising, partying, love, possibly beginning of a new relationship, misunderstanding, professional challenges—all shall keep you on your toes. And, happily, the stars help you stay prepared to deal with it all. You may come across a new person, as you step out dressed to hilt, one of the nights. Even if this doesn’t turn out to be a romantic involvement, you can expect it to be useful for your future progress. If married, expect happiness. However, as the month wanes, stars become a little testy, leaving you stressed. Refrain from heated verbal exchanges and pointing fingers. Or else, the relationship stress may adversely affect your health. Work-wise, gear up for handling some troubled projects. Multitasking and struggle may exhaust you. But, being slow or incompetent is not be an option, says Ganesha. Don’t let any complaint or criticism affect you. In business, be ready to meet some odds. The rule of the 9th House from your Sign, Jupiter, is in a combust state, dampening your luck, so there may be some financial glitches too. But, this is just a phase, and it will pass. If you are a fresher, taking up a job that requires frequent travelling may benefit you in the long run.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : Agreed that you are brimming with energy, as the month begins. But, don’t take this as a reason to try to do too many things, at a go. Focus and concentrate, even as you go about impressing all and sundry with your eloquence and ability. You may be entrusted with a prestigious task. Explore new avenues and brush up your skills. For businessmen, it will be a good time to venture into a new territory. Mid-month, if you find yourself too challenged by the looming deadlines, speak up. Get in touch with your team and seniors to try and find a mutually agreeable solution. And, you will! If you are a fresher, you may get lucky, adds Ganesha. However, all may not be hunky dory on the home front. Arguments and verbal spats, if they happen, may take an ugly turn. Be careful, or circumstances may spoil your image. Two major planets – Jupiter and Sun – posited in the 2nd House from your Sign, though, indicate guests, friends and relatives. Talking, chatting and gossiping shall keep you happy, but you will need to stay alert. Expenses remain high, but so do the returns, thus creating a happy equilibrium. However, it’s you health that may suffer, owing to all the running around and family stress. Take care.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : Issues related to family and career will retain the prime slot in your priority list. You are likely to be more confident than before, ready to take up challenges head on. The Ruler of the 10th and the 1st House for your Sign – Mercury – shall be well placed, for a better part of the month. Hence, you can expect progressive times ahead. Getting distracted, however, may cost you heavily. At work, discontent and urge to take up something new may force you to look for a suitable change. It is a good time to switch, says Ganesha. However, consider all the pros and cons before taking the major decision, suggests Ganesha. Business fraternity has a reason to rejoice, but with booties shall come the truck-loads of work. Financially, you may find it difficult to manage to rising expenses. Exercise due care and caution, while spending money. Also set your priorities right! If married, be ready to encounter phases, albeit brief, through the month that may not allow you to breathe easy. Don’t complain; rather, find a good solution. Couples in a love relationship may fall prey to misunderstandings. Strive to maintain the status quo.

Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Well, well, control your urge to go all out with your anger, as the month begins. Plus, distractions, of any sort, including tiffs, conflicts and angry exchanges, shall derail you from your path to success. And, indeed be careful in forming (or maintaining) friendships. Your friends may be your lifeline, but this won’t be a good time to give in to their undue demands, says Ganesha. Avoid the ones who are friends just for namesake, as they may lure into shallow, pleasure-seeking activities. For a better part of the month, the matters related to career and finances are likely to remain in the forefront. Of course, there will be highs and lows, but the influence of Mars shall keep your confidence shining. At work, expect new responsibilities. This may stress you. Talk it out with your boss; he/ she will be helpful, assures Ganesha. At home, things may be stressful. Blame it on Ketu being in the House of Partnerships/ Marriage. Stay calm, and let this phase pass! In financial matters, the month will give you a chance to plan for long term savings. Overall, find time to unwind and relax, but still stay focused.

Scorpio ( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : Handling life goals, personal and career struggles all together at the same time may leave you breathless! But, your peculiar trait of dynamism will help you handle this period gracefully. Plus, do keep finding ways to de-stress and mingle in good company, as these pursuits shall relieve you of your stress. The mid-month may bring a phase, where you may suddenly be confronted with ground-realities and practical aspects of life. Relax! Try to cut down on dependence on others, as this will help you fly, suggests Ganesha. Keep your temper in control, at all times too, lest you hurt your personal and professional relationships. Financially, things shall remain good. Thank the well-placed Jupiter for this. However, being over-confident about your finances, or anything is a strict no. Venus, the Ruler of the House related to spouse and partnership shall be in a retrograde mode for a part of the month. Naturally, this is not good news. Career related activities may take up most of your time and energy, leaving you with little else to spend with your loved ones. Try finding a balance. And, take a good care of your health, as you may be vulnerable now.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Confident and optimistic, you shall begin the month on a good note. You may stumble a bit, as the month progresses, but strive ahead, and you shall manage to make suitable progress. Family and finances shall largely top your priority, this month. At home, your involvement with your kids, yours or a sibling’s, or younger relatives may increase. You may find yourself getting increasingly worried about them, or a situation revolving around them. Be supportive, says Ganesha. This may also help you spend quality time with your loved ones at home, including your spouse. If you are married, possibility of your in-laws visiting (or you visiting them) is also high in August. Work-wise, things shall be quite busy too, especially in the month’s latter half. You may feel that you are not getting due support from your seniors and colleagues. This may be true to quite an extent, but don’t let this leave you disillusioned. Ganesha also foresees the possibility of unexpected expenditures, all through the month. The retrograde Venus shall be posited in Leo this month, which indicates that you will need to special care in health matters, especially if you suffer from a lifestyle or age-related disease. In love, stay sensitive towards your loved one.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : Love roller coasters? You better do, as this month looks set to offer you one hell of a ride—thankfully, largely pleasant and pleasurable, even if somewhat bumpy, at times. You will feel luck is on your side, as the month begins. Things will suddenly seem quite possible, filling your otherwise skeptic and conservative self with plenty of nerve and verve. Great going! But, sadly this happy ride may soon hit a bump, especially given the undue pressure from seniors at work. Don’t let stress affect your performance. And, stay alert, or you may miss out on a good opportunity. The phase shall be favourable for students opting for higher studies, and freelancers who are looking for new and lucrative assignments to work on. On the home front, the rising expenses may bother you. Working in unison, along with your loved ones, specifically your spouse, towards a common cause will yield fruitful results, assures Ganesha. Health, as usual will be average. A minor fall or accident is indicated during mid-August. Take care! An elderly person in the family may require close monitoring. Emotions may run high, at times. Take to meditation to soothe your nerves. Also, remain careful when it comes to new contacts, and more so when it involves a member of the opposite sex.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : You shall see yourself shifting gears to work at a faster pace to accomplish your goals on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Highly determined and confident, you may be willing to take up challenges like never before! However, hurdles may be strewn onto your path by Saturn. On 7th and 8th, you may be in a rebellious mood, specifically concerning a work matter. Say what you have to, but also understand that no one is out to curb your freedom. So, refrain from making angry comments. Partnerships, in business or personal life, may see a tough time, mid-month. You may even be tempted to take a legal freeway, against which Ganesha cautions you well in advance. Domestic matters may demand your attention. You may feel worried and down, on account of a loved one/ spouse being somewhat indifferent towards you. Avoid verbal spats, and if they happen, refrain from taking the moral high ground. Stay practical and flexible. You may plan a small family trip to lighten the mood. Finances, however, may remain a concern, often becoming the bone of contention. Thankfully, things shall look up money-wise, post 20th. Whatever you do, try not to borrow heavily. And, do not initiate quarrels.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Staying focused shall not be too easy for you, as the month begins, given the diversions. There may also be delays and obstacles, especially in the first 10 days, which may make you confused. Take a deep breathe, and proceed ahead slowly, albeit steadily, says Ganesha. You can bank on your family’s support. Spend time with your loved ones to unwind. There may be some tiffs; emotions may run high on 15th, 16th and 25th, but it won’t be anything unavoidable. Money-wise, you will choose to be wise now, which is commendable. However, you may feel the planets are not supporting you. Work-wise, this may be an excellent month, given you refuse to get distracted. You may not expect a new job offer or a raise. In business, try reviving some lost and old contacts. Although, a rise in revenue is foreseen, expenses too may rise alongside. In domestic matters, you may end up spending behind an elderly member’s failing health. You yourself too will need to guard against seasonal illnesses. Singles looking for companionship and commitment may have to shelve their plans for the time being. If legal issues have been your concern, avoid litigation. Try settling the issue with the help of an arbitrator or a mediator.

Monthly Predictions July-2015 by Ganesha Speaks

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