You will be very imaginative and innovative this month. Though in the initial stages things may appear to be dull, you will pick up momentum by the end of the first week. Your creative ideas will be much appreciated by your peers and superiors alike. Though you will be totally focused on work, your growth may not meet your expectations, but Ganesha advises you not to get disappointed and carry on undaunted, and the rewards will come forth. Your eloquence will also peak and you shall win many hearts with your wholesome praise of others’ abilities. On the romantic front, though, one wrong word, and your relationship may go into a tailspin. So Ganesha advises you to be extremely careful not to hurt the feelings of your beloved, and not to make petty disputes an ego issue. Avoid speculative activities.
Ganesha predicts a rather difficult month for you. There will be many ups and downs along the way, and you may feel that you are not making any concrete headway towards your goals. Under the circumstances, Ganesha advises you to focus on long-term goals, take petty setbacks in your stride, and peg on relentlessly. Also be a little flexible as it will go a long way in keeping relations with your colleagues smooth, because with good teamwork you can achieve your company’s goals easily. This month is auspicious for businessmen, so you may go ahead with your plans of expansion without any hesitation, and don’t let the plans of your rival companies impede you. On the personal front, too, this month is going to be very eventful. You shall spend a lot of quality time with your friends and loved ones.
You will be happy and jovial this month, foretells Ganesha. Wherever your go you will spread joy and laughter, and your very presence will be enough to change a negative atmosphere into a positive one. In such a state of mind, no matter how difficult the work or challenges you are facing may be, you shall achieve everything in a breeze. If you are hunting for a more lucrative job, you might just get lucky this month. Employers may have a tough time dealing
with stubborn employees and will have to find some innovative methods to keep them motivated. On the financial front, unexpected expenses and investments will keep you occupied. You may come up with a novel way of increasing your income, which may look good on paper but may not really be very practical. Take good care of your health.
Although things may seem to be somewhat depressing as the month begins, Ganesha assures you that as the days roll by things will take a positive turn on all fronts of life. As long as you remain down to earth and not expect the sky, you will experience success and happiness. You will make satisfactory progress in your career; if you are a businessman, you may expect an increase in turnover and profits; and personal relationships will be hunky dory. The increasing income, particularly, will put you in high spirits, and you will become too extravagant, showering your near and dear ones with objects of desire. However, Ganesha advises you to try and save some portion of it for the rainy day. As for children, though, there may be times when you may feel frustrated as you will observe that their studies are not progressing satisfactorily, so try to motivate them.
Ganesha foretells that you will have a taste of fame this month, and people will love you for what you are. However, you will be unnecessarily conscious about your outer looks, and a visit to a beauty saloon or a spa is very much on the cards. Ganesha advises you not to become too vain, or else all the people who like you will become indifferent. At work, you will perform your tasks confidently, but there may be times when you may feel confused and at such times you should seek the help of your colleagues. If you are a businessman, know that the stars are in your favour if you wish to start a new project. In your personal life, Ganesha feels you need to make some changes, such as improving your lifestyle by giving up an addiction, which will have a salutary effect on your health.
Despite having slogged hard at work, you may feel frustrated
that your efforts are not being appreciated, However, Ganesha advises you not to let that bog you down. Peg on with your work sincerely, believe that work is worship, and don’t think about the fruits of your labour; they will come in due course of time. This is a good month for businessmen too, so if you have been planning to start a new project, this month is just the right time to press the start button. But this will not hold true for starting a new partnership, so continue your solo journey until the time turns in favour of partnerships. On the monetary front, you will be comfortable as long as you don’t indulge in wasteful expenditure. Make it a habit to save a small percentage of your earnings and invest it to secure your future.
Ganesha predicts that your work pressure is bound to increase this month, and hence you will have to be constantly on your feet. You will have to set your priorities right, and then schedule your work accordingly so that even if you have to do some multi-tasking, you will be able to complete your job within the deadlines set by the top management of your company. Also, expect a lot of travel for official purposes, but maybe you can throw in a weekend or so for leisure and relaxing with your family. You will be required to take some vital decisions, and you should exercise great care while doing so. Considering all the extra efforts you have been putting in for a long time, if you feel that you deserve a pay hike, you may go ahead and request your bosses as the stars are in your favour and so the time is right.
As a rule, you are a hard worker and never shy away from any task that is given to you, but Ganesha predicts that this month the stars are not too favourable and even a little effort may tire you out. You are therefore advised to take small breaks from work whenever you can to recoup your energy, and also recommended is a little holiday so you can recuperate and rejuvenate. The excessive strain is likely to make you somewhat irritable, and this will affect not just your work, but also your relations with people in your close circle, so try to control the tendency, which Ganesha feels, can be done best through meditation. On the personal side, your relations with your parents may be rocky, and you may need to be more considerate towards them.
Your professional life is going to dominate your personal life this month, foretells Ganesha. Your family may be quite cooperative to begin with, but after some time, your near and dear ones may start resenting the fact that you are unable to spend any quality time with them. Under the circumstances the best you can do is to convince them that you cannot compromise with work at this stage, and promise to take them out on a holiday first thing the moment it is practically possible. This is where your communication skills, which are likely to peak this month, will come in handy, helping you both on the personal and professional fronts. All this does not mean that your attitude will be dead serious – on the contrary you will display great sportsmanship and a great sense of humour. On the romantic front, it is unlikely that there will be any major development.
Apart from some delicate situations to tackle on the professional front, especially with your superiors, Ganesha predicts that this month will be relatively problem-free. But be careful of not getting into tussles with your peers and superiors in the office or else it could harm your career severely. You need to be more resilient and consider other people’s opinions instead of simply bulldozing through with your own views. Ganesha advises you to do some serious meditation, which will help you both on the home and office fronts. This month you may also develop some inclination for spiritual and philosophical subjects. On the personal front, you will be more outgoing than usual and attend parties and make new friends, but don’t forget your old friends and keep in touch with them regularly. Relations with your life-partner will be smooth, and singles may find someone interesting.
In the initial stages of this month you may be in the grip of inertia, and may find it very difficult to accomplish much, foretells Ganesha. However, you will wish to stay on the positive side of things or peoples’ opinions, and this will act as a motivating factor, so you will pull up your socks and try to be very efficient despite the fact that you may be feeling under the weather. As you will be of an amiable disposition, even to the extent that you may disregard your own preferences to please others, you will win many hearts. For businessmen this month is favourable to expand operations, and sign new contracts, However, Ganesha warns you not to sign the contracts blindly, but to read the fine print with a magnifying glass so you don’t miss out on some tricky terms and conditions. In personal matters, don’t be impulsive.
Ganesha foretells that you will be over-loaded with work this month, but also warns you that if you don’t maintain your fitness at peak levels, you may not be able to accomplish all the tasks alloted to you. Apart from making a priority list and logging in extra hours, you may also have to do some multi-tasking, which could throw your regular routine out of gear. All this overwork could have a negative bearing on your health, so make sure you get enough rest and exercise regularly to boost your stamina. Despite all the difficulties, you will not only manage to complete everything but also you will be able to do it without compromising on the quality of your output. If you are a businessman, be wary of rivals who may be trying to pull a fast one on you. For creative people this is a favourable month, as your work will fetch you both money and fame.


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