Monthly Predictions April 2015

Monthly Predictions April 2015

21st Mar- 20th Apr
During the first half of the month, some events on the domestic front could leave you a tad distressed. However, things will improve vastly by the latter half, so cheer up! You will attend and host parties, and enjoy wonderful moments with friends and family. Domestic matters may keep you busy too. Rising expenses will only make things more tricky. But, fortunately, the situation will change very soon, as Jupiter will start to move in a direct motion, bringing you luck in everything you do. Your earlier efforts, too, will start to bear fruits. Sensual desires will be at their peak during this time, and your sex life is likely to blossom like never before. Beware though, says Ganesha, as there are chances of disagreements and differences with your spouse, which may spoil the fun, a bit. Choose your words wisely, for they may lead to misunderstandings. Brace up for some steep ups and downs at your workplace too. Stay vigilant and act smartly.

21st Apr-21st May
You may feel torn between your personal and professional lives this month, foresees Ganesha. Though you shall experience a lot of positive events at home, things at your workplace may drag your spirits down. You shall
be so dissatisfied with the atmosphere at your current workplace that you may seriously start thinking about a job change. Unfortunately, the planets may not help you in your search for a better opportunity. So, instead of sulking over your misfortune, keep up the good work. The stars are bound to turn benevolent around the middle of the month, when you will be able to successfully complete the tasks assigned to you, and in return, shall be applauded for your good work. For businessmen, profitable deals will come their way. Operations, though, will slow down in the latter half of the month. But, rest assured, you shall end the month on a high. On the financial front, rising expenses, expected and unexpected, may be a cause of concern for you.

22nd May-21st Jun
This month looks set to bring a mixed bag of fortunes for you, feels Ganesha. While things will be smooth on the personal front, money matters may cause you a plenty of anxiety, and you will have to really slog it out to meet rapidly rising expenses. In spite of controlling unnecessary expenditure, you will be unable to save money. To add to your woes, some unsatisfactory returns on your investments made earlier may spoil your mood, in the latter half of the month. Spend time with friends to rejuvenate yourself, and also to get valuable guidance on how to come out of your financial troubles. If you are into a proprietary business, now is the right time to implement your well calculated plans. On the professional front, refrain from taking hasty decisions, as this will only hamper the progress of your organisation. Travel is on the cards, and will prove to be fruitful. This is a favourable month for love, so you may safely take it to the next level, hints Ganesha.

22nd Jun-22nd Jul
Enjoyable activities and parties shall keep you preoccupied this month, and you may end up neglecting your work.
Fortunately, you will soon realise your mistake, and will roll up your sleeves to make up for the lost time. You will work hard to meet the looming deadlines, and will sincerely do so to remain in the good books of your bosses. With an aggressive approach and straightforward attitude, you may not be your natural self, though, in the initial phase of the month. While this may benefit you in some ways, on your own, do make sure you keep your aggression in check, or this attitude may pose hurdles in your path. The latter half of the month may be a little more
challenging for you. Arguments with your spouse and the resulting despair may force you to go into a shell. Self help is the best help, so you yourself will have to make efforts to come out of this situation. Take good care of your health, says Ganesha

23rd Jul-22nd Aug
Businessmen may look forward to a great month in April, says Ganesha. The efforts you have put into your business till now will start to bear fruit. As the month progresses, things will get even better. The planets will help you take correct decisions, as far as expansion plans are concerned. You may also come across a very good opportunity to make money; make sure you recognise and grab it in time. If you are into manufacturing sector, this is a favourable period for introducing a new product or idea in the market. Finances will pose no problems, as you shall
have enough to cover all your needs, but health will need special care. If you have been suffering from hypertension, be extra vigilant and make sure you monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis. Drive carefully; this will nullify the possibility of any mishap. During this phase there is a strong possibility that you shall get attracted towards spirituality. Introspection will help you find answers to many unanswered questions.

23rd Aug-22nd Sep
On the professional front, tight deadlines are likely to drain you out, says Ganesha. On top of it, uncooperative colleagues and their attitude will depress you. Let this not affect you work. Around the middle of the month you may suddenly experience an urge to clear the clutter from your office desk, home and even from your mind. The end of the month will be a time to rejoice, as you will successfully complete the work assigned to you. You shall also manage to impress your bosses. As for your financial situation, the stars may not be much in your favour this month. It will be difficult to make ends meet, and you might even have to borrow some money from a friend. Fortunately, there is a high possibility of getting some unexpected income – in the form of arrears or return on your earlier investment, which will give you great relief. Some minor health issues may crop up during this period, which may aggravate, if you don’t get them treated in time.

23rd Sep-22nd Oct
Ganesha predicts that this is the right time for you to shoot out job applications, if you are looking for a change, or are a fresher, because the chances of getting a favourable response are bright. You shall also have many choices, so think hard about all aspects, and grab the right opportunity. You can also look forward to appreciation coming your way now. Although, your peers may not be very co-operative in the last few days of the month, they will help you in a broad manner, and shall have no option, but to acknowledge your good work, during the rest of the month. If you are a businessman, you may expect a lucrative opportunity to come your way, but if you don’t stay alert you are likely to miss out on it. Unforeseen expenditure may upset your budget a little this month. You may have to lend money to a close friend or relative in dire need and this may be the main reason for your disturbed budget. No need to worry, for you will surely balance your finances very soon.

23rd Oct-22nd Nov
This month, you are going to remain very focussed on your tasks, and shall be working towards your goals single-mindedly. You will get a lot of appreciation from all. Be prepared for more work at the end of the month, though. Blame it to the bosses, whom you have impressed with your talent and hard work. They may now entrust you with a new, challenging task. Take this as an opportunity to prove your mettle, though. For businessmen, pending dues
may cause concern. Don’t forget to send out polite reminders. As the month progresses, you will tend to become confused, not knowing what to do. If you are part of a joint venture, there could be some difference of opinion with your partner. Don’t let your business suffer as a result of this. On the personal front, though, there may
be some discontent among family members. But, you will handle the situation with maturity and resolve things peacefully. If you are in a steady relationship, you might now contemplate marriage.

23rd Nov-21st Dec
On the personal front, there is a possibility of an argument between family members taking an ugly turn, disrupting domestic harmony – for many of you this month. You may have to deal with this situation very tactfully, and sort
out the differences. To please them, you may decide to meet their demands, some reasonable and some unreasonable. But you should not mind that, says Ganesha, because it will help to bring back peace at home. Although no major problem is foreseen in your married life, you may not exactly be happy either. All may not be hunky dory for those in a relationship. Keep calm; stars will soon shower their blessings on you. At your workplace, your bosses will be impressed by your work and will appreciate your efforts. But support may not come from colleagues, who will
be envious of your progress. It is advisable to be a little cautious such people. The latter part of the month may throw some major challenges at you, be prepared. Travel is on the cards.

22nd Dec-20th Jan
Your workaholic tendencies may not let you enjoy life to the hilt, although you may have made up your mind to do so. Your mind will keep reverting to work every time you try to let down your hair and have fun. You need to realise, says Ganesha, that both your body and mind need rest and relaxation, or else you will get fatigued, which may adversely affect your health. On the financial front, you may not exactly be short of money, but you are advised to look for new income options, just to make sure you have enough resources saved for future. Fortunately for you, in the latter half of April, Jupiter will come to your rescue, helping you fix all your finance related worries. Make sure you invest your hard earned money wisely; this will give you a sense of security. Businessmen will see remarkable progress in turnover and profits. If you play your cards well, you will strike gold
through a few deals, and will no longer have to worry about your finances.

21st Jan-18th Feb
On the professional front, this month is going to be a very eventful phase, predicts Ganesha. Do not let your emotions override your logical faculties so that you can perform to your full potential. New responsibilities and job offers will come your way, but weigh all options before deciding either ways. The beginning of the month is favourable for businessmen. You can now spread your wings and explore the unexplored. Money will not be an issue; in fact, it will come easy and there will be enough for you to invest. You will come across multiple investment options, which shall promise to give you good returns in a short period. With work and money keeping you busy this month, you are likely to neglect your personal life, which may lead to problems, especially around the middle of the month. But if you be calm and compassionate, you can win the hearts of your dear ones without any difficulty.

19th Feb-20th Mar
With such a lot playing on your mind on the professional side, and so many responsibilities to handle, you may begin to feel confused and be unable to set your priorities correctly. You will not only have to do your own job, but shall also have to help others. This may not be easy, but you will love the challenge, and will take it head-on. Saturn’s influence in the latter part of the month may make you work harder. On the positive side, Saturn will make you a more patient and stronger person. And, remember that hard work is always rewarded, sooner or later. The personal front on the other hand may be a little difficult to handle, but be patient and things will start sorting themselves out as the month progresses. Be careful during the last few days of the month, though, as your partner may not reciprocate the love and affection you shower on them, and this may hurt your feelings


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