Jie Curtis has been jailed for at least seven years for the ‘terrifying’ attacks

Jie Curtis has been jailed for at least seven years for the ‘terrifying’ attacks

A KNIFE-wielding man who terrorised five women and a schoolgirl in Adelaide over 36 hours has been jailed for at least seven years.

On Tuesday, District Court Judge Sophie David sentenced Jie Curtis, 37, to 10 years and nine months jail with a non-parole period of seven years for his attacks of six women on February 28 and 19 last year.

She said the attacks were “premeditated” and would have been “terrifying”.

Attacks ranged from chasing women while holding a knife, to sexual propositions to holding the weapon to a woman’s stomach as he placed his hand over her mouth.

The latter attack happened as the woman was exercising at the South Rd overpass at Glandore.

“Your actions … were sudden and had a ferocity to them that would have been shocking to you victim,” she said.

“This would have been nothing less than a terrifying incident for her.”

She said Curtis’ offending would have had a “profound effect” on each of the women who were simply going about their everyday lives.

“Each victim speaks of the shock they felt at being assaulted by you in broad daylight on a public street or area, which they had often frequented,” she said.

“(They also speak) of their fear and vulnerability in the face of your actions and how your offending conduct has changed the way in which they approach their lives.

“Your offending was of the upmost seriousness — there is a degree of premeditation.

“Each of your offences occurred in daylight and in public areas where people are entitled to feel safe.

“You assaulted women who were simply going about their daily routines as they are entitled to do.

“The impact of your offences on your victims has been significant and far reaching.”

Judge David said Curtis was under the influence of methamphetamine at the time, but had since apologised for his actions.

“I accept that you are genuinely remorseful for your offending,” she said.

But she said Curtis had a “long criminal history”, which had been escalating in terms of the seriousness of offences he was committing.

Curtis pleaded guilty to the six offences.

Last month, victim impact statements were read to the court, including a humanitarian worker who has lived in some of the most unstable countries in the world.

She told of her shock at being attacked in a “quiet Adelaide suburb”.

“I was surprised and saddened that the worst thing to ever happen, happened in Adelaide,” she said.

“I’m angry and frustrated that I or anyone else should feel any fear or insecurities while taking a walk in this country. I do not accept this intrusion of my right to security.”

In the first attack, Curtis got out of a car before following a 61-year old woman walking in Myrtle Bank while holding a knife.

She screamed and he ran off.

About 30 minutes later, a woman was walking her dog on Duthy St, Unley, when Curtis went up to her and asked a question, before she backed away and noticed he was holding a knife.

He followed her and when he was about 30cm away, said ‘you’re coming with me, don’t scream, stay calm’, before she dropped the dog lead and ran down the street.

In the third incident, Curtis approached a woman, 22, near Greenhill Rd at Unley, suddenly approaching from behind and saying ‘come for a little walk’.

Curtis was armed with a knife when he then attacked a woman doing exercises at the Glandore train overpass.

The following day, near Gawler, Curtis told a woman, ‘I’ll give you $500 for pleasure.’

Later that day, he was armed with a knife when he approached a schoolgirl at Melrose Park.

His lawyer has previously told the court Curtis was in a drug-induced psychosis and was “angry at the world” after the death of his fiance three years before.

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