A Dream Worth $50,000

A Dream Worth $50,000

The debut venture of of talented Indie filmmakers Poonam and Ashish Sahasrabudhe, Just One More Day, has already made a name for itself having collected numerous prestigious awards. Right from the Los Angles Film Awards to New York Film Awards, you name it and they have bagged it. The film has also been to the likes of South Films and Arts Academy Festival, the AAB International Film Festival and the Barcelona Planet Film Festival. The entire Sahasrabudhe family has pitched in their bits for the movie with Rishi, their nine-year-old son not only playing the character of Nick but also winning a string of awards for his performance.

What more, the film – that features both Australian and Indian actors – was made on a shoe-string budget of just $50,000! The shooting began in January 2016 and was wrapped within four months of hitting the floor. The financial burden was shouldered by the Sahasrabudhes themselves, through their pet production house, ThinkGrandFilms, and the shooting was mostly carried out during weekends and evenings and whenever they could get time out of school and work. The locations were mostly narrowed down around the Hills district and the final product was delivered with some help from family and friends and a grand lot of hard work. Even the background score was put together by the multitalented duo. Poonam Sahasrabudhe too plays an important role in the film. Her partner, Ashish, however, was only too happy to take on the background information technology work.

ThinkGrandFilms was started by the couple two years back, with the aim to put out content-driven films and they seem well on the road of doing so. The Sahasrabudhes now feel that the leap of faith taken by them is finally bearing fruit and it has reinstated their belief in following one’s passion. Today, they are glad for not having let life come in the way of making their dreams come true. On being asked where he got the strength to take such a bold step, Ashish Sahasrabudhe says, “We wanted to get out of our comfort zone and do something different. We didn’t want to grow old and have any regrets about what we could have achieved, if only we had made the first move”.

The 85-minute film – which throws light on the devastating psychological nature of war on not only soldiers but also the families they leave behind, especially the young children who sponge up everything around them, allowing circumstances to alter their behaviourial patterns – is especially important to discuss in today’s times, when threats of war are looming large over the world.

After the worldwide success, the movie is set to release commercially in mid-2018. The Sahasrabudhes also have two more much-awaited projects in the pipeline.


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