Dance For A Cause

Dance For A Cause

Sameer Pandey, first-term councillor for the City of Parramatta will hit the dance floor in support of Cancer Council early next month. Cr Pandey will be one of eight participants in the Stars of Parramatta – Dance for Cancer gala night at the Novotel Parramatta on Saturday, July 7, 6.30 pm onwards.

City of Parramatta Councillor Sameer Pandey

“I’ve a background in health research and I understand the importance of research and innovation in health and how it can change lives. I agreed to be part of this event to support Cancer Council and, hopefully, also learn some moves.”

Joining Cr Pandey for the Stars of Parramatta are Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Jim Cassidy, State Member for Parramatta Dr Geoff Lee, DMC Advertising Group chief executive Stephanie Dale, City of Parramatta Deputy Lord Mayor Michelle Garrard, Novotel Parramatta’s April Diego, pet-service-owner Shirley Buczak and Cancer Council’s Leanne Langdon.

State Member for Parramatta Dr Geoff Lee will also be participating


Shirley Buczak, who’s been running Social Pet – in western Sydney for six years and teaching animal owners how to be responsible – said: “I consider 2018 to be the year when I give back to the community. I wanted to be involved with the Stars of Parramatta because of my neighbour Neville. Last year, Neville asked me if I could walk his dog when he couldn’t and it’s not until recently that I found out that he was diagnosed with lung cancer, which is why he couldn’t walk his pet anymore. Neville never told me the reason because he didn’t want me to worry about him. I want people like Neville to know that there are many of us in the community willing to help those in need. All they need is ask. I believe Stars of Parramatta is a great way to promote such awareness in our community. My parents named me after Shirley Temple and wanted me to be a famous dancer and be a star. Well, now it is a reality, I am a Star of Parramatta”.

Shirley also talked highly about her dance partner Dr Kanan Shah, a very popular Indian dance teacher running Nartan Institute of Performing Arts (NIPA) in Western Sydney for nearly a decade. “Kanan is a wonderful teacher. She is as driven as I am and we work very well together.”

Shirley Buczak and her dance partner Kanan Shah

“This year we have eight stars gearing up for the gala night. They are working very hard going out and about in the community fundraising, besides practising for the event. We hope the residents of Parramatta will back them and the Cancer Council by supporting and attending occasion,” said Kate Hawkins, Coordinator of Cancer Council Greater Western Sydney Community Relations.

The tickets for Stars of Parramatta – Dance for Cancer are on sale now for $120 per person or $800 for a table of eight, including a two-course meal, drinks and entertainment. They can be purchased online at To find out more about each of the eight ‘stars’ and donate, you can visit




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