Celebrating Languages through Community Language Schools 

Celebrating Languages through Community Language Schools 

“Celebrating our language, our culture in our multicultural Australia”, is the first ever Indian Community Languages Schools Parents & Teachers Conference in Sydney, Australia held on 19th June 2016 at Parravilla Function Centre, aimed at creating synergy among the Indian communities to work together and contribute towards sustenance of Indian Languages learning in Australia.

“Teachers and parents from Sanskrit, IABBV-Hindi School, Green Valley Languages and Arts School, Balar Malar Tamil School, Tamil study centre – Homebush, Green Valley Hindi School, Guru Nanak Punjabi School, National Sikh council of Australia, Revesby Punjabi School,  Australian  Marathi  Vidyalaya,  Telugu  Association  Inc,  Balakairali  Malayalee  kids associates  and  Urdu  schools  have  attended  the  conference  to  share  their  knowledge, expertise  through  structured  presentations  and  workshops”  said  Karthik  Subramanian, President Sydney Sanskrit School.

Initiated by The School of Vedic Sciences (Aust) Inc.  the event was supported by Community Languages Schools Program, Department of Education under the ‘Communities United through Language’ reform initiative of the NSW Government and NSW Federation of Community Languages. The program supports over 55 languages and 250 Community Language organizations in NSW.  Indian community have the highest representation of Community Languages

The program was presided over by Mr. Geoff Lee, NSW State Member of Parramatta, Dr. Vinod Bahade, Deputy Consulate General of India, Mr.  Raj Datta, Councillor Strathfield Council, Prof Nihal Agar, President Hindu Council of Australia, Mr. Albert Vella, President FCLS, Mrs. Mala Mehta, Founder IABBAV-Hindi School and Mr. Anagan Babu, Former President Balar Malar Tamil School.  The Conference Souvenir magazine “Sulekhasangraha” (Compendium of articles) was released and distributed to the participants and guests.

Lauding the initiative, all guests spoke eloquently of the importance of one’s identity and culture to their self-belief and that Community Language schools are seen as significant enablers.  It was also agreed that Community Language schools work with meagre resources, usually run by volunteers, are saddled with bureaucratic compliance requirements and need to develop appropriate learning aides. The need for greater funding from the NSW government was lobbied by Mr. Albert Vella and also the need for support from the Indian government was highlighted by the participating school teachers.  The community leaders supported the case for additional funding by NSW Government.

Experts in Education, participating school teachers, and parents with academic expertise were chosen to share their teaching methodologies and experiences through a series of lectures and hands-on workshops.  The 75 participants consisted of 56 teachers from Community Language schools from Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam and Urdu. It was evident that the schools shared common issues such as the retention of children in Second Language learning, developing study materials with scarce resources and relied heavily on volunteers and goodwill.  Most of them had developed ingenuous methods of making classes interesting and effective considering only few hours a week is allotted to Community Language learning.

The blossoming feeling of unity, shared concerns about difficulties in retaining second language, request for conducting this Conference every year and the enthusiasm for lobbying Australian Federal and State governments and the Indian Government for grants and resources marked the success of this historic event.

For further information:

School of Vedic Sciences (Aust), Inc.

Sydney Sanskrit School

PO Box: 417, NSW 1871

The Indian Telegraph Sydney Australia


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